Will The Joker Turn Out To Be Robin?


While fans wait for super hero movies, many obsessively analyze images and trailers, trying to figure out plot points.

And this produces unusual theories. In Batman v Superman, there is a doozy. Some say that Jason Todd is the DCCU’s Joker in Suicide Squad and a Batman v Superman flashback.

Reddit user, DeathByRequest has noticed something unusual from the pictures below: Joker’s Suicide Squad promotional portrait and the Robin suit seen in the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.

You will notice that there are two circle marks on each of Joker’s shoulders. One is by demonic jester’s hat, and the other is by one of the “HAS.” DeathByRequest says that it may be “a gunshot or burn mark.”

Now take a look at the Robin suit, and you’ll see two similar circular marks on the shoulders as well. This goes along with the previous speculation that Joker’s tattoos are clues to Jason being the new Clown Prince of Crime.

Jason Todd being the universe’s Joker is a creepy twist. This leaves two possibilities. First, he did not actually die but was tortured to insanity by The Joker and this killed him in a metaphorical sense.

The second is that he was murdered but became insane after coming back to life and took Joker’s identity.  It would not be the first time Robin has become The Joker. The 2000 animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker had surprised its fans by revealing that the Clown Prince of Crime who was causing chaos in Neo-Gotham City was Bruce Wayne’s sidekick, Tim Drake.

Jared Leto and Ben Affleck are of the same age and even if one character is older than the other, one can imagine them having fought for years. Also, Batman is an intelligent person and even if he could not figure out that it was Jason, he would surely know that is someone masqurading as his nemesis. The circular marks on Joker may be just moles or blemish and only a coincidence that the suit has holes.

Making Jason into The Joker is a wasted opportunity. Jason was revived and became The Red Hood which is an identity that was previously used by a man who became The Joker. Jason was dishing out his brand of justice on criminals and his main target was the monster that murdered him. Batman has to deal with his former sidekick being alive and with Red Hood, he must stop Jason’s crusade to kill Joker.

This makes for a compelling story and sets Jason up as an anti-hero/occasional ally.

It will be a while until fans get concrete answers to the Joker theory.