Is Trouble Brewing At Star Wars Universe?


The Force is experiencing disturbances. In fact, there are many jolts beginning with Colin Trevorrow who was chosen to direct Star Wars Episode IX and faced some serious flak for his latest release The Book of Henry. After that in nearly unbelievable circumstances in today’s movie world,  Phil Lord and Chris Miller got chucked out of the Han Solo film project at a time when the film’s shoot was coming to an end.

These two events coming close on the heels of each other have caused quite a flutter among the public. Some people think that this might be indicative of the chaotic situation in the new extended universe of Star Wars. Let’s review the things and see if the Star Wars universe is indeed in trouble?

In the words of a learned Jedi,  “Hard to see, the future is.” Even harder can be the task of defining what makes a successful film universe. Star Wars till date didn’t have much of a franchise universe with just the Skywalker origin story and one spinoff titled Rogue One. Therefore, we don’t yet know the shape of an expanded Star Wars universe.

If we take the performance of the last two films into account, we can say that the Lucasfilmendeavor has succeeded as both The Force Awakens and Rogue One received success and love from audiences. What remains to be seen is how the future course of action turns out to be for the Star Wars franchise?

While we do see warning signs, it is premature to say whether they are just minor bumps or unsettling causes for the franchise. The troubles faced by the Han Solo movie are similar to those encountered by Rogue One albeit a little magnified. The departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller was attributed to creative differences between Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan. These late differences are contrary to what we saw between Edgar Wright and Marvel about Ant-Man which took place at an initial stage. Bad vibes seem to be originating from the Lucasfilm banner.

Now the rampant criticism of Colin Trevorrow’s new film The Book of Henry is causing problems. While Episode IX is still some distance away and we know that the issues faced by the Han Solo movie are more related to creative flexibility rather than capabilities. Trevorrow is more likely to be a director who could accommodate the inputs and create an entertaining blockbuster like Jurassic Park. However, this criticism makes people wonder whether this would have an impact on the decision making of Star Wars and Lucasfilms’. The biggest concern is what shape will Episode IX take as the culmination of the latest trilogy.

In all likelihood, the current issues are just common pains associated with film making, and we should pin our hopes on The Last Jedi, rather than worry about the Han Solo film. There are reports that the Rian Johnson work faced no troubles or challenges during its production. While Lord and Miller have been successful with their 21 Jump Street films and the LEGO Movie, their repertoire is not as distinguished as Johnson who is credited with films like Brick and Looper. Therefore, he is unlikely to be in a scenario of clashing about having used only three cameras when Kennedy wanted 12-15.

The news about Ron Howard taking over the directorial reigns of the Han Solo film also augur well as he is a great film maker with hits like Apollo 13 and Rush and also the fact that he is a thorough professional. Starting out in childhood itself, he has spent nearly the whole of his life on the film sets in various roles. Irrespective of the film’s performance, it is bound to benefit from his experience, and that might be why the Han Solo crew was delighted to know about his coming on board.

The Han Solo film is going to be what it has to be and work is yet to commence on Episode IX. Therefore, there is no cause to spend sleepless nights about the film and Trevorrow. The best option for the fans is to look forward to what’s coming up next and cheer up for The Last Jedi. Hoping that the film will do well and we know that the Star Wars universe is so big that it has lots of uncharted territories and narratives yet to be explored about the future of Star Wars beyond The Last Jedi.