Why Should Transformers Fans Be Excited About The Next Set Of Movies


The film Transformers: The Last Knight is without a doubt the worst ever segment of the entire franchise. While this film turned out to be a disappointment, it did manage to create the platform for a larger Transformers movie universe and that’s what we all should really be excited about.

Now that the cinematic universe of the Transformers is all set to unleash itself and the director Michael Bay has moved on with his legacy, the fans should rejoice about great movies ahead.

Let’s tell you why should you be excited as a Transformers fan for the next set of the franchise movies.

In case you are one of those fans who feel that Michael Bay had robbed you of your innocence with his Transformers films, then you must watch out for the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off.

This film is going to be the prequel to the main Transformers movie series dating back to the 1980s and will give you the look and feel of the iconic “G1” Transformers cartoons. Those who are nostalgic about the Transformers then this is going to be their best shot to take a walk down the memory lane.

Ancient History

The setting of Transformers: The Last Knight was back in Dark Ages, in the times of King Arthur. The story features some Transformer Knights lying in hiding on planet Earth and how they ended up joining as allies to King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.

Although that narrative was exploited in detail, it did create the path for more of such “Throwback storylines” to appear.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Transformers fans would love to see Beast Wars in the movie universe. With the Transformers 2-5 already covering various iconic moments of human history stretching across pre historic, Medieval to Modern history of the 1950s, the possibility is wide open for it to delve into the Beast Wars period.

Thus, if you have been longing to witness the on screen arrival of “Optimus Primal” and other Beast Wars Transformers, then now is the time to voice your opinion as it might just come true.

New Vision

While it is inappropriate to put blame on someone, but, there is something positive in Michael Bay leaving the Transformers franchise – irrespective of whether you were in love with what he did or hated it. Now the positive feeling is about the next bunch of Transformers films getting an entirely new creative outlook. That could certainly make it a whole new ball game for the films.

We can’t really be sure, but, it might just be a tonal change which sees less of the mindless comedy and more of sophisticated wit coming into play. There might be deeper character backgrounds and lesser poorly defined stereotypes. There could be Transformers robots taking centre stage which will do away with the human characters and the various emotional baggage/drama associated with them. 

Michael Bay might be remembered as the guy who brought Transformers to live-action movie world, but, the franchise has ample scope to widen its horizon creatively and narratively. This is one opportunity which the fans can look forward to as we wait for the Transformers 6 & 7 to come our way down the line.

Transformers: The Last Knight is now in theaters.

Transformers: The Last Knight is the last chapter of the franchise helmed by Michael Bay and features actors Mark Wahlberg and Staley Tucci in the same roles that they performed in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Josh Duhamel and Joshn Turturro once again portraying the same characters that they did in the first Three Transformers films. The film’s voice cast features Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, John Goodman as Hound and John DiMaggio as Crosshairs. They are accompanied by other Transformers such as Bumblebee, Drift, Hot Rod, Cogman, Canopy, Sqweeks, Grimlock, Megatron, Barricade, Onslaught, Hooligan and Mohawk.