Top 10 Iconic Carrie Fisher Moments In “Star Wars”

8. Ewoks: First Contact (‘Return of the Jedi’)

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s Leia who’s the first come into contact with the Ewoks. They are the teddy-bear guerrilla warriors who bring down the Empire in the final segment of the original trilogy. Fisher interacts with her Ewok buddies absolutely sincerely and straightforwardly. This was even when Wicket W. Warwick and companions were at their silliest. She knew it was her business to sell these ridiculous little folks to the viewers and she handled it with élan.

7. KillingJabba (‘Return of the Jedi’)

Agreed, the brilliant golden metal two-piece generally gets all attention in this sequence since Fisher wore it remarkably. Nevertheless, her actions were far more brilliant. As it is, Leia’s final blow here was to get the chains that held her hostage and choke the slug-like slime ball who had held her hostage. What’s more, she did an amazing job of it.

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