Top 10 Iconic Carrie Fisher Moments In “Star Wars”


10. The Reunion (‘The Force Awakens’)

The get-together of Han Solo and Leia Organa after decades with her know-it-all smile shows her teasing the scruffy-looking smuggler’s closet and her response to the news about their rebellious son. Fisher made General Leia’s reunion with the affection for her life feel painfully, gratifyingly genuine. When they eventually cuddle later in the film, as Solo goes for what is a do or die mission, Fisher conveys despondency to the minute that mirrors their relationship’s lived-in, torn-and-frayed nature.

9. “Hope” (‘Rogue One’)

Carrie Fisher carries such enormous power that she can bring the house down without even really showing up on screen. The last line of the current year’s “Star Wars story” is said out of the computerized mouth of a youthful Princess Leia. It’s a solitary word that the underlines significance what innumerable Rebels have died for to have it delivered to her. This Leia simulacrum is on screen for seconds. Nevertheless, her monosyllabic summation of the film’s message carries about 40 years of fan affection for the character who articulates it.

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