Time Travel In DEADPOOL 2, X-Men Movies May Be Joined!


Marvel fans across the world are eagerly waiting for a few concrete details from the Deadpool 2 story to be revealed. In the light of this, Ryan Reynolds said that there is a possibility of the use of time travel with Josh Brolin’s Cable. After the success of the first movie of Deadpool, the sequel is highly anticipated.  The anticipation continues to grow among fans especially after the studio revealed the first few images of Brolin a few weeks ago.

To support and bring more light on to Cable’s backstory, the time traveling aspect is an integral component. Also, it has been confirmed that the version of Cable in Deadpool 2 will be stepping in from the future. It is still not clear on how much time travel will be shown in the film.

An interview with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson for The Hitman’s Bodyguard revealed if there would be any time travel at all in the movie. When asked about the same, Reynolds replied:

“It is possible. Your answers will all be, they’ll be soon. They’ll be coming soon.”

His ambiguous answer suggests a possibility of the use of the time travel device in the film. One should note that it is tricky for films to conceive and implement the idea and mechanics of time travel. If there is a time travel in Deadpool 2, then fans can be assured of a good laugh as the movie will be filled with comedic reactions from Wade Wilson.

While the production Deadpool 2 has just come to a stand-still due to the death of the stuntwoman, SJ Harris’ on set, reporters have confirmed that the studio will resume filming shortly.

The idea of time travel being shown in the movie has left the fans to ponder and imagine about the path the movie plot will tread.