The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Prods Season 8 Filming With A New Picture


The Walking Dead Season 7 barely finished with a chivalrous tiger-shaped blast. We’re talking about Shiva. Nevertheless, Normal Reedus is now prodding the beginning of filming on Season 8. That is correct, Daryl Norman has shared a snap on Instagram of himself and Rick Andrew Lincoln amid shooting on season 7 (not 8), with the subtitle: “Ready to get back at it!”

Ready to get back at it! 🦅

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We’re taking that as strong proof that they’re now taking a shot at the next season, in which we’re truly hoping that Shiva the CGI tiger eats Negan. Discussing which…

After Shiva battered a few Saviors in the Season 7 finale, it became known that in the background she’s really played by a bloke in blue Lycra on a trampoline. In another news, there was a major scene in the finale that didn’t make the cut. What’s more, it would seem that you will need to wait for the DVD to watch it.

Talking about the erased scene, show runner Scott M Gimple stated: “There is a lovely scene with Rick and Carl with Michonne and I’m hoping I put it in the deleted scenes. I’m pretty sure I did.”