First Full Trailer Of X-Men Series By Bryan Singer “The Gifted” Has Released.

The Gifted Trailer

We can tell you guys right off the bat that this show is going to be better than any superhero show out there, and we are so confident about this because the main man behind the X-Men movies Bryan Singer is leading this project. He has never disappointed us before, and we pretty sure he is going give us another entertaining X-Men story via this series.

This show is not going to be about whiny teenagers going through changes, it will connect directly to the established X-Men movie-verse and Bryan has already stated that he is not going to add filler episodes just because the Studio wants to pointlessly elongate the show. In the trailer, you can see one of the characters stating something about the “X-Men’s brotherhood”.

The show has a lot X-Men characters directly from the comic books like Blink (played by Jamie Chung), Polaris (Emma Dumont) and Thunderbird (Blair Redford). The show will be released on Fox this fall, like the other X-Men show “Legion”, it is a collaboration between Fox (who have the rights to the X-Men characters) and the original creators of X-Men, Marvel.

They haven’t revealed the time slot for this show, but by looking at the budget and people involved in this show, it will get the prime time slot. Here is the first full trailer of “The Gifted”