Talks For ‘Spaceballs 2’ Are Alive, Says Brooks


In 1987, Mel Brooks decided to cash in the popularity of Star Wars by creating a spoof, Spaceballs. However, unlike other spoofs, this one became a legend in its own right. A joke went inside the movie when Lone Starr (Han Solo stand-in) asks Yogurt (Yoda stand-in) if they will ever see each other again. Yogurt replies wisely: “Who knows? God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.”

Thirty years have passed since that joke was made, yet fans keep waiting for the joke to turn into a reality. It looks like that this might soon become a reality. As per Brooks, he is in talks with MGM to make the anticipated sequel.

 To be honest, there are still many hurdles to be cleared before Spaceballs 2 could actually begin production. But Brooks’s conviction hints that he is serious about making the dream a reality. After all, the timing right now is perfect. After decades, a new Star Wars trilogy is hitting the big screen, so it only makes sense that the spoof must follow too.

Given the current scenario, fans would watch anything even remotely related to Star Wars. However, this is the problem. There are guys like Jason Seltzer and Aaron Friedberg (of the Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans and Vampire Sucks fame), who are reportedly working on a Star Wars spoof titled “Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE=MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue”. It would be better for humanity if Brooks took the wheel before such guys spoil the fun for us.

 Brooks expressed his interest in making the sequel just two years back when The Force Awakens was released, and there were even some fan-made posters of the sequel. However, given the fact that Brooks is 90 years old now and may not be the guy to sit in the director’s chair, it seems like that someone else might have to fill in his shoes. In any case, all we want is a Spaceballs sequel.