“Starsky & Hutch” Will Make A Return Under James Gunn


Apparently, it’s the year of reboots. We have been seeing announcements regarding various shows of the 70s and 80s being revived, The Munsters, Miami Vice and The Jetsons. “Starsky and Hutch” is the latest addition. The 70s buddy cop show might make a return in the modern setup under the guidance of James Gunn (of Guardians of the Galaxy fame) while Sony Pictures TV is the company behind the reboot.

The new show would include hour-long character-driven episodes. Gunn would write the show with his brother Mark and cousin Brian. The Gunns would be the executive producers of the show, alongside Neil Mortiz (since Original Films has a contract with Sony TV). PavunShetty (Head, TV Division, Sony) would also be the executive producer. However, whether or not James Gunn will actually direct the episodes remains the subject of his availability as of now.


Created by William Blinn, the show starred Paul Michael Glaser (who played the street-smart David Michael Starsky) and David Soul (who plays the no-nonsense cop Kenneth Richard “Hutch” Hutchinson). Operating in the fictional Bay City, the show aired from 1975 to 1979.

 Currently, Sony TV only has the television rights to the show (along with other shows produced by Spelling-Goldberg Productions, like S.W.A.T.). The film rights, on the other hand, belongs to Warner Bros. (who even produced a reboot in 2004 starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson).