Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ New Evil Droid BB-9E Unveiled!


A new Star Wars: The Last Jedi product line has been unveiled just before the “Force Friday II, ” and this brings to fans the first look of a villainous new Droid BB-9E!

Apart from BB-9E, there are several other Star Wars: The Last Jedi products that have been revealed and they provide further insights into what is going to take place in the upcoming Episode VIII of this grand space saga. Have a look at the product photos in this Star Wars: The Last Jedi gallery above!

BB-9E seems to be the dark side version of the brave droid BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is quite exciting as we might see a showdown between these two droids in the film! Traditionally Star Wars universe has featured droid villains similar to the droid heroes as has been observed in the case of R2-D2. Since BB-8 was quite a success as a toy, one can very well hope BB-9E to notch up some impressive sales figures because it is a must for a real Star Wars fans to have all that is there to collect. Right? Saying that we must also watch out for the Resistance droid BB too!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is scheduled to release on December 15th.