Star Wars 8: Rey Will Be Facing A Terrifying Monster As Her First Jedi Test For Luke


Star Wars 8 shows Luke giving Jedi training to Rey and this terrible creature on Ahch-To will be her first challenge

Warning: This article contains leaks and spoilers.

The fleeting glimpse of Luke’s Island on planet Ahch-To didn’t let us see much, however, now we know that there are several other beings on that planet.

The screenshot shared below shows one of the flying creatures which are by the leaks from the Irish set which were released in public by

.As per the leaks, the new film also features a scene where Luke will meet the leader of the original inhabitants of the island.

It will unleash a fascinating battle between Rey and a terrible creature which will remind the viewers of a classic scene from the past of the series.

few of these native creatures shown in the film are similar to the real-life puffins living on Skellig. The only difference is that the creatures living on Ahch-To are far more deadly and look like, “as a 15-inch gremlin bird with razor-sharp teeth.”

The description is contrary to their reality as these creatures are quite benevolent.

The real opponent who Rey will battle with is going to be a different and way more dangerous creature. The fight which is going to be a part of Rey’s Jedi training is also a condition that she needs to fulfil to get the permission from the native creatures for staying on the planet.

This website which shares various Star Wars theories then describes a scene that took place between Luke and the protector of the island.

As per the website: “While he grants permission to Luke staying, he does not grant the same permission to Rey. Rather it is suggested that she is obligated to kill a giant sea monster which may grant her acceptance and respect.”

This comes across as a direct replication of another scene from the original trilogy.

In the original, Luke had fought a Dragonsnake on Dagobah swamps during a test that he gave during his training by Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back comics and Obi-Wan had also battled one such creature in the Clone Wars.

Weighing as much as 50 tonnes, Dragon snakes were gigantic and frightening hunters who had razor sharp teeth and fins. The ocean planet Ahch-To is just the right place for such monstrous sea creatures, and by the looks of it, Rey is set to fight something quite similar to them.

There have been repeated instances where Star Wars film makers have repeated things with the premise that the Force is renewing and improving upon its past in its endeavor to achieve its ultimate goal.

They also have a penchant to take inspiration from Medieval themes, old structures and costumes whether it be the Jedi Robes or the castle of Maz Kanata.

Therefore, it will be fantastic to see a rookie knight taking on a huge dragon.

The film Star Wars: The Last Jediwill release on December 15