Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi: Luke Furious with Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda’s ghosts


After the release of The Last Jedi trailer in April, fans are speculating about what is wrong with Luke and why he seems to want the Jedi to end.

Star Wars theorist, Mike Zeroh discussed with fellow Star Wars expert Vahn about the idea that Luke has a grudge against his mentors for not warning about Ben Solo turning to the Dark Side as Kylo Ren.

In the YouTube video Vahn said: “I’m convinced that if we do see any Force ghosts visually, they would be aiding [Luke] in building the new Jedi academy. I believe that they would assist him, just to give him words of wisdom…guide him.”

He then continued, “I believe they have been aiding him through the ways of the visual Force ghost or voices in his head. I believe for a while they were getting along…that he would listen to them. But as we know eventually Ben Solo turned into Kylo Ren, fell into the Dark Side and slaughter Luke’s Jedi academy students. I feel like part of that has to do with Luke’s change. If he has indeed been in contact with these Force ghosts, I believe he’s upset and he’s furious with them. [Because] in the prequels we see that the Jedi can sort get tastes and feeling of what the future of somebody might hold.”

Will Luke meet the force ghost Jedi council?

Vahn further added, “Yoda constantly felt darkness in Anakin’s future, he felt pain, he felt death. Maybe [the Force ghosts in The Last Jedi] weren’t able to see one hundred percent what was coming – they had premonitions of what was happening.

I’m sure even as Force ghosts they will have trained him to sort of tap into that and once Ben turned to the Dark Side, he was probably furious with them. Being like, ‘You’re not as all-powerful as you claimed to be because if you knew or you can sense the premonitions of the future, you could have warned me about my nephew turning to the Dark Side.”

He then continued to say, “‘You should have been able to feel something was going to happen. Or if you did know and you didn’t tell me about it for certain reasons and that upsets me because I thought we had a bond and trust and the Jedi should not be selfish. You always taught me how the Jedi are selfless and they look out for other people. You guys didn’t look out of me.’”

The 8th episode, The Last Jedi will release in UK cinemas on December 15, 2017.