Star Trek: Discovery First Trailer Launched – “Fans Disappointed”


Star Trek: Discovery has finally released its first look trailer, and it is getting mixed response. Some fans are not happy with the physical appearance of the Klingons, some are saying that CBS has messed up this show by making it an action drama than a science fiction show, and on the other hand there are optimistic reviews were the fans are calling it the highest quality Star Trek show ever.

When CBS first announced about Star Trek: Discovery, the whole fandom was frivolous about it but then the showrunner got changed, the news about delays came in, and then some media houses even said that it is going to get canceled, all this negativity killed the hype completely and to be really honest a lot of die-hard fans weren’t even excited about this show anymore.

This trailer has filled some hope into the people that at least CBS is going deliver something, they don’t know whether it is going to be good or bad, but yes, CBS is giving us a Star Trek: Discovery and that is enough for us at this time. Having said that, what the fuck happened to the Klingons? Why the hell they look so terribly different than what we have seen before? Here’s the trailer watch it out by yourself, and let us know in the comments if you guys have any explanation about this.