Star Trek: Discovery Starring Sonequa Martin as First Officer Michael Burnham


CBS All-Access has confirmed Sonequa Martin Green will be playing the lead role in much anticipated Star Trek: Discovery. This announcement was made right after when fans were in tears, mourning death of Sonequa’s character “Sasha” in The Walking Dead season 7 finale on 2nd of April. Star Trek franchise is known to break boundaries and explore the unexplored. The story of Star: trek Discovery will be from the perspective of a first officer rather than the captain this time. Sonequa Martin will play the character of first officer Lt. Commander Michael Burnham. She will be the first officer to Captain Lorca which will be played by Jason Isaacs. Star trek: Discovery has taken a bold route by giving the captain a supporting role against the Number one this time. Since the franchise onset in 1966 Sonequa Martin Green will be the first female African-American to play the main protagonist. Actor Anthony Rapp on the other hand is already confirmed to play a gay character of Starfleet Science Officer Stamets. Star Trek: Discovery took a long time in production. At one time there were even rumors of the show being cancelled after Bryan Fuller left the show and the CBS decision of airing the show on a paid streaming website rather than television, but all those speculations have now ended with this news. The whole internet is buzzing with fans being excited about Sonequa’s entry into the show as a main lead.