Star Trek: Discovery Releases Official Rey Cosplay Photo, Oh Sorry Set Photos!


After continuously disappointing the Star Trek fans over and over with bad news on Star Trek: Discovery, finally, a ray of hope can be seen with a “Single” photo of 2 confirmed cast from the show on the desert planet.

However, it looks like the Star Trek costume designers were out of ideas because they have directly copied all the aesthetics of Rey’s costume from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This is on the nose guys, out of all the things, they have decided to make their characters look like the main lead of Star Wars character and on top of it, they have decided it makes it the first look photo of the series.Both the characters shown in this picture have been confirmed already, Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou and Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham.

It seems like they are on some desert planet and if you closely observe you will find a Tricorder-like device on Sonequa Martin’s belt. This series is set in the prime timeline (timeline of the Orginal Star Trek series) and the 13 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will depict the stories of these characters 10 years before the original Star Trek show.

Another noticeable thing about this show is that it won’t be episodic like its predecessors, the whole season will focus one prime goal or end point, and the episodes will have cliffhangers.

The main reason for leaving the “Episodic” tradition of Star Trek shows is the fact that the producers wanted it to be binge-worthy, which is the current trend, all thanks to Netflix and Hulu.This show will not air on Television for its first season, all the 13 episodes will be made available for CBS’s stream service in America and on Netflix for rest of the world.

The creators are doing a hell lot of experiments on a single show, which is usually unadvisable, but there are also good chances that these risks could pay off big time. There is no specific information of when this show is going to air, but by the interviews, it seems like it is going to be late summers or early fall.