South Park: The Fractured But Whole Links Difficulty to How Dark Your Character Is


The game South Park: The Fractured But Whole from Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Ubisoft is looking set to be another fun yet socially divided game. As a show, South Park is reputed to have a daredevil approach with an unforgiving commentary and habit of making fun of any topic under the Sun.

This approach holds true for The Fractured But Whole which is going to be quite a visible take on modern day racism. This game which is set to be launched on October 17, is likely to offend the players by the time they are done creating their game characters:

“If you scan ahead to about the 5:50 mark in Eurogamer’s video above, you’ll see the glorious moment Aoife Wilson and Christ Bratt realize exactly what’s going on. Eurogamer points out in an article that, during the difficult selection process Cartman points out that this “doesn’t affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life.”

Trust us; it just gets worse from there. The developers at Ubisoft were questioned about this add on, and they acknowledged that this difficulty will not only be related to the combat but, also will determine how the other characters treat you and the kind of money you get in the game. Now that is surely going to make a hell lot of people squirm with discomfort.

No, dear reader, this isn’t all that’s shocking here.

Gender Identity Selection

In a typical RPG, gender selection is just a breeze. However, The Fractured But Whole makes it a bit more complicated. The Stick of Truth had only one option, and that’s to play the game as a boy. However, the new and bolder follow up game gives you a choice between male, female and ‘other’ as you talk to South Park School counselor Mr. Mackay (“mkay”)

The gameplay footage above shows that if you choose an option other than ‘male’, then the Mr. Mackay will call up your parents to confirm your decision.

“It turns out, if you pick a non-male character, Ubisoft will use the conversation with Mr. Mackey as a smart retconning of The Stick of Truth. ‘So the whole King and Stick of Truth thing, she was actually a girl the entire time?’ Mr. Mackey then asks you to clarify exactly what you mean by a girl. You’re then asked to select whether you identify as cisgender or transgender.

“Aoife and Chris picked transgender, and Mr. Mackey once again calls your parents. ‘It still tracks with The Stick of Truth, yes it does. She was definitely a girl the whole time. Yes of course. I get it.'”

Now whether you find it offending or fun, it is your choice, but, what’s absolutely clear here is that Stone, Parker and the developers have no concern for your opinion on the subject.