The Son of Superman and Wonder Woman


All Super Hero fans have often wondered about the persona and characters of the off springs of superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and others. It seems like DC Comics are all set to address this curiosity about the lineage and superpowers of the next generation of Super Sons and Super Daughters of the Justice League icons. The endearing part of this next generation is that they all are as brave and powerful as their parents have been known to be. At the same time, the frightening part is that they are forced to travel back in time to ask their parents to join them in their bid to save the day as the situation presented to them seems to be too bleak to handle on their own.

Typical to the ways of the Comic world, we once again travel back to a time when all things were hunky dory, and the world had not yet gone wrong. It was the time before Aquaman was corrupted and forced to occupy Cyborg’s body to keep himself going. It was the time before Mount Olympus was dumped in the middle of the New York City and a time before the Gods of Olympus were rendered ineffective by the demented villain ‘Sovereign’ who stole all their powers. That’s the villain the next generation of Justice League heroes will be up against in Justice League #26 and a villain whose creation might have been aided by their illustrated parents.

Well, the writer Bryan Hitch and artists Oclair Albert and Fernando Pasarin will very soon get down to the task of creating that future showdown. As of now, let’s just have the pleasure of finding out more about the next generation of Justice League. The most important of them all is the son that will be born to the Kal-El of Krypton (Superman) and Princess Diana of Themyscira (better known as Wonder Woman).

Superman and Wonder Woman’s Son

This new hero in the spotlight is being referred to as ‘Hunter’, but, fans don’t need to wait for DC’s concept sketches to find out that his full name is ‘Hunter Prince’, son of the iconic heroine Wonder Woman. In this tale of times in the future when the future seems to be bleak and shadowed by the villain, this new hero who travels back in time with his league of next generation of superheroes, he amply displays the kind of courage and leadership which could only be demonstrated by a son of an Amazon. Even if we judge him by his appearance, the vambraces on his arms, Wonder Woman’s tiara that he proudly flaunts as a cuff around his arm and the golden lasso dangling from his hip, are all clear indicators that he is well and truly his mother’s boy.

It is always dicey to judge paternal traits in comic books, but, the daggers that Hunter shoots at the Superman during their confrontation in the upcoming comic (as seen in the artwork at the top of the page) proves that he is doubtlessly the son of Superman as well. Even if we don’t take note of his hulky frame, his cape/cloak is a dead giveaway to the fact that he is the fruit of the union of two Superheroes. Further proof can be seen in the fact that he wears a golden eagle similar to his mother as a broach and Superman’s tattered cape is seen wrapped around his shoulders. This new development is great news for the New 52 version fans who longed to see the romance of Superman and Wonder Woman to move to the next level and who had been feeling disappointed ever since the new 52 version was replaced by the classic Superman.

The real question that comes up with this development is, why Superman fathered a child with Diana and not with Lois Lane. Well this is not the only question that will come to fore with the new generation of justice league kids and certainly not the biggest question either.