Solo Film News: Obi-Wan Kenobi-Ewan McGregor To Repeat Role


For quite some time, “Star Wars” fans have been wanting an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie. In light of another report, it would appear that their request has finally been heard.

As per StarWarsNewsNet, Lucas film is planning a solo movie which will focus on Obi-Wan. This isn’t astonishing since the “Star Wars” universe is an immense one, and a Han Solo spin-off is currently in progress. Nevertheless, the news is certainly enough to send fans into a tizzy.

A source near Lucas film uncovered the news to the production. Another disclosure is that Ewan McGregor is expected to repeat his role.

According to the source, “Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of Lucas film fully intend to make an Obi-Wan movie set between ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope,’ with Ewan McGregor in tow.”

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that there is going to be just one movie. This further implies there are not going to be any plans for spin-offs.

McGregor has already communicated his enthusiasm for repeating the famous part should he be asked to do so. He stated; “I’ve been very open to say I’d be happy to do it if they want to do it.”

As per StarWarsNewsNet, the source additionally uncovered that Gareth Edwards is being considered to direct the movie. We are aware that Edwards directed the main “Star Wars” anthology movie, “Rogue One,” which got high acclaim from both critics and viewers. And keeping in mind that Edwards is required to come back to the director’s seat, the producers and writers will be different.

The possibility of an Obi-Wan solo film is surely great. What’s more, if there is any truth to the gossip, then it is likely that a declaration will be made at the forthcoming “Star Wars Celebration” in Orlando, Florida.

Be that as it may, with different movies presently on Lucas film’s plate, the Obi-Wan independent spin-off is planned for a 2020 debut at the soonest.