Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle Reboot In Progress


Millennium Films is looking for a next Gal Gadot to star in Sheena: Queen of the Jungle reboot.

Sheena, the fictional jungle girl, is set to return after a 33-year hiatus, in a film that the studio hopes to make this a success. Millennium Films aims to emulate a positive reception of Wonder Woman in this project.

The new Sheena: Queen of the Jungle is eyeing a 2018 production start date. Avi Lerner, Joe Gatta, Boaz Davidson, Trevor Short and John Thompson are on board to produce with Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman.

Historically, Sheena was orphaned as a girl and left in the wild for some animals to raise. She gained survival skills and became an expert fighter. She also learned to craft weapons and spears, arrows, bows, and knives.

Though she was not the first female comic book character, she was the first with her title.

In literature, Sheena’s jungle girl status was predated by Rima.

Sheena’s adventures in the 1930s led to years of popularity, which saw her featured in 1950s television series and a film. 

Model, Irish McCalla portrayed Sheena in the series from 1955 to 1956, and Tanya Roberts starred in 1984.

She may be an obscure comic character to hit the big screen, but Sheena has great potential for success. Other relatively unknown comic like Kingsman movie series, have become sleeper hits at the box office.