Robin’s Identity In Batman Vs Superman Was Finally Revealed In An Unlikely Way


It has been quite some time since the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but, the film has been still generating a lot of talk about its contents. There have been countless fan analysis of all the scenes, dialogues and characters as this film turned out to be an official manifestation of the DC Extended Universe. Among the scenes from the film which received the maximum attention was a scene in the Batcave where a Robin costume was shown.

We wondered what was that spray paint about? Which Robin was killed and whether it was the Joker played by Jared Leto? Thankfully, we now have answered to one of the questions.

Recently Warner Brothers took fans to a virtual tour of the Warner Brothers Studio via a facebook live video. The tour guide showed various props, costumes and several other objects available,while showing the Robin costume, he made the following disclosure:

This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd/Robin suit. Spray painted on the front, ‘Ha-Ha. The joke’s on you Batman.’ Those of you that know the storyline, know what happened to this Robin.

That’s how we got official confirmation of one of the most talked about concepts related to Batman V Superman. It is Jason Todd who was the Robin killed by the Joker.

It is not much of a shocker as the comic book fans already know about this story. Jason Todd was the second guy who became Batman’s assistant Robin in the comic books. He was caught trying to steal Batmobile tires and was roped in after Batman saw some potential in him. However, the adaptation wasn’t a success and DC decided to take a call to eliminate Robin 2.0.

They conducted a fan poll to decide Todd’s fate and whether he should be murdered by the Joker. A narrow margin saw the poll result in favor of his death, and he suffered a gruesome end. First, the Joker pummelled him with a crowbar and then detonated the entire building where he was kept captive.

It has been officially confirmed now that it was Jason Todd who was used in the Batman V Superman and this could have an impact on future Batman films. Assuming that Ben Affleck and team stays committed to the comic storylines, Dick Grayson has to be lurking around somewhere out there most likely as the nasty vigilante Nightwing. Moreover, Batman’s face off with the Joker in Suicide Squad is likely to bring forward their history. .

We will get further details about this history by having a look at the DVD/Blu-ray versions of Batman V Superman which will feature the Jena Malone/Barbara Gordon scenes which didn’t find space in the theatrical version of the movie.