The Phantom Reboot Is On Its Way!


We wonder if Phantom will once again return to the cinema screen? The cinematic universe is choc a block with superheroes and beings who fight for the screen space, and we don’t even know if there is any room left for The Phantom? However, The Ghost Who Walks, has fans all over the world who would love to see him back, and it is not only them but, the studios too.

Over the last one decade, Warner Bros., Paramount, Mark Gordon and even Billy Zane have professed their desire to create the film’s reboot, and it seemed that 20th Century Fox is the one that is set to launch that project.

Well, that was the scenario till now, however, now we hear about a new entrant who has thrown the hat into the ring for the Phantom comics based franchise. The details of the project are a secret as of now, but, we hear that the films will be given a budget of $150 million which is nearly three times the budget of the 1996 film and over six times the amount that it had earned at the box-office.

The film will be shot in New York and Melbourne as well as some other unconfirmed locations. The plot will pick up some iconic elements from the comic books and give them a contemporary touch to create a perfect blend that appeals to the staunch Phantom fans as well as to the potential new fans of the character.

What we can say for sure is that such a big ticket budget would make the producers aim for a cast that will feature superstars. Therefore, we won’t be shocked if someone of the stature of Keanu Reeves, Gerard Butler, Joe Manganiello or Travis Fimmel gets to play the role of Phantom on screen.

In fact, we should not forget about Jason Segel either. Some of you might feel that Segel is a comedian and doesn’t really come across as an action hero, but, do take into account the fact that the 6’4” tall actor with a well-toned physique would be highly intimidating and if we add that muscle to the wit and humor that he has already displayed then he undoubtedly is capable of providing just the ideal mix for The Phantom that the modern audiences will love.

We are sure that a lot of top actors would take their shot at playing The Ghost Who Walks whenever the project is officially announced or there might be the scenario of the cast being announced alongside the film itself. In any case, the fact that the last Phantom film had tanked, there has to be nothing less than a blockbuster performance from the film or else The Ghost may not walk again.