The Orville Star Says The Show Is Made For Disenchanted Star Trek Lovers


One of the stars from Fox’s The Orville has just claimed that the series is connected to Star Trek. The upcoming Seth MacFarlane created series features actors Mark Jackson as an android Isaac and he talked about the chances of the show being a hit during an interview with ScreenRant. Jackson said that The Orville is going to fill the vacuum felt by Star Trek fans.

“At San Diego Comic-Con,” Jackson said, “we had a lot of people queuing who wanted to get into our panel, and because it’s Seth [MacFarlane], I think people will give it a go. I think [it’s] a lot of the Star Trek fans, disgruntled about not having Star Trek for years.”

No doubt that the fans will witness a lot of Star Trek inspired shows coming up during this TV season including CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery. However, Jackson went on to say that the fact that Discovery will be available only to those viewers who pay for a subscription and that is going to be a big differentiator.

“That’s only going to be available online,” Jackson added. “And you have to pay a subscription for it. So I think there’s going to be a few disgruntled Star Trek fans who will love this show, as well as Seth MacFarlane fans, so we’ll have quite the mix.”

It is not just Jackson who has made such a claim, but, during the upcoming show’s TCA press tour, MacFarlane also criticized the direction in which the Star Trek franchise has moved recently. The fans, however, need to wait whether either Discovery or The Orville or maybe both of them are able to relate with them when they go on air next month.

The Orville is a live-action TV series produced by Emmy Award winner executive producer and maker Seth MacFarlane (Ted, Family Guy, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey). The series based on the adventures of an exploratory spaceship ‘The Orville’ which has a crew comprising of humans as well as aliens. The crew of the ship will embark on voyages across the outerspace, facing the dangers and exploring the wonders of the space alongside coping with light-hearted daily problems of human life. The series set in a time span of 400 years from now, will have episodes of one hour duration each and will premiere on Fox on September 10.