One Character Missing From Criminal Minds Season 13 Premiere


Before the Season 12 finale, Criminal Minds had given viewers reasons to get freaked out. “Red Light” delivered the drama’s biggest shock as the episode came to an end after most of its leads were involved in a car accident.

Erica Messer had dropped the bombshell- that when Daniel Henney enters the story in Criminal Minds’ Season 13, everyone is not accounted for.

Garcia learned that the team is in big trouble. The first person she calls is Agent Simmons. He drives them to the place where the team last had signal. And there they discover a car accident. But Erica Messer is missing.

Well going missing does not always mean being dead. But if disappearance is linked to Mr. Scratch, then the character does not have hope. It is intriguing Erica told EW that Garcia and Simmons will “see who is injured.” This does not directly imply fatalities.

Criminal Minds will bring a new face to Season 13 In Season 12, Thomas Gibson got fired and there were additions like Adam Rodriguez and Damon Gupton. There were also full-time returns for Paget Brewster and Aisha Tyler.

It is unlikely that Criminal Minds will kill off its main characters and Messer made it sound like it will be the only episode in which the character will be missing.  We may find out what happened when the time credits roll.

In Criminal Mind’, almost everyone’s fates are left in air. It will return to CBS for Season 13 on Wednesday, September 27, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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