An Obscure 1994 Easter Egg Linked Predator To Terminator


Arnold Schwarzenegger had a near absolute control over the tough guy business in the 1980s Hollywood. Whether it was the sheer brute force of Conan or the stellar expedition to save Mars in Total Recall, if you needed a hunk who could utter nearly undecipherable phrases and flex muscles, Arnold was the obvious choice available. Frankly, his films don’t have much of a substance story-wise, he doesn’t showcase the inner darkness of a character and the machine guns don’t address the issues facing the humanity. His films are larger than life, Smackdown films with brute force and lots of big booms and that’s exactly what sets Arnold apart from the others.

However, you would be shocked to know that there is an unnoticed bridge that links two of the most prominent Arnold characters. What if you are told that the Alan “Dutch” Shaefer from Predator was the base upon which Terminator was moulded. We know you would soil your pants because those who come to know did.

In case you haven’t seen Predator, then sorry to say, but, you have not really done well in life and certainly nowhere close to being called a true Hollywood fan. This was probably the greatest tale that didn’t come from Shakespeare. Some unexplained activity  was taking place in the Val Verde jungle in 1987 and the US army kept pushing teams in to find out what the hell was happening there. However, those teams were nothing better than squads on a suicidal mission who were becoming prey to an alien predator.

Dutch Hunted Predator Down And Became The Immortal Cyber Killer

The killer was a super hunter whose face was a weird cross breed of an Octopus and and a bear trap. We know that the army knew what was the cause of the disappearance of their first team, yet, they held the information back from “Dutch” and his team of special soldiers. “Dutch” aka Arnold was an ex-soldier and a master of guerrilla warfare. After a fierce sequence of events that seemed to have put the South American region on the path of doom, he hunted down the Predator.

He gave them the opportunity to create the invincible killing cyborg. That also takes care of the following question:

What The Hell Happened To Dutch?

In the novel versions of Predator films, there was an attempt to explain Dutch’s fate by showing him suffer radiation poisoning and getting interviewed during his treatment itself. But, that pretty much was an answer that answered nothing. In the Dark Horse comics, his brother was seen rummaging around for the clues about his fate. These things didn’t matter as we never saw Dutch again in any further sequels or spin off series, and the only mention of him was in reference. Therefore, we can say that as soon as Dutch latches on to the chopper at the end of the movie, he was gone for good.

If there was ever anything that resembled an answer then it was in the arcade game Aliens Vs. Predators (which was a vital cog in the wheel for this franchise for multiple reasons, the most prominent of them being the idea that Aliens and Predators are similar birds, like peanut butter and jelly. Why we say that? Because the game has the cyborg who goes around by the name Major Dutch Shaefer. Now isn’t that the name of the our beloved Dutch himself?

It seems to be the case as their towering physique and that chest size is a perfect match, But, we know that he was a cyborg tasked with taking out aliens. Therefore, the theory that his victory against that Predator in the Jungle resulted in his selection as the first immortal metal assassin, checks out perfectly. This narrative even suits the US governmental purview, thus, explaining the support that was needed in his creation. In fact, the question remains whether it was all a pre-meditated experiment by the government to put its best soldiers against the Predator with the purpose of finding out the right guy to work as their robot hero.

We believe so.

The OWLF (Other World Lifeforms Taskforce) has known for years prior to the face off in Val Verde, that Predators pounce upon the target that they feel threatened by. Therefore, they were unwilling to let Dutch go afterwards. This explains the sequence of his disappearance and future re-appearance as a deadly cyborg.

Now you might wonder about the how the Cyberdyne Systems, the creators of the Terminator thing, fit into the Alien/Predator game details? Yes, they had a few things that were controversial, but, Cyber Dutch? Initially the appearance suggested that barring the countless hours spent in the gym, nothing else was used in creating the Cyber Dutch.

No, there is more. Just have a look at the serial number on that thing, which was almost willing to remain unseen. “CDS-170A3”

Now CDS means “Cyberdyne Systems”. Just in case, you are ready with your own acronym for this one, just hang on a second and see why we are so confident about what we say.

The disgusting Alien Vs. Predator movie that we know and wish not to remember, had a very different storyline. Whereas the original script was shaped similar to the game, which implied that the film franchise was going to feature a cyborg Dutch taking some aliens out. Schwarzenegger was set to play a role in the film if he didn’t get re-elected.

If you are convinced even now that these letters are random and nothing beyond being a coincidence then you need to read further.

They Are All Connected

By the time Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, came out, it was clear to all that Cyberdyne Systems and US government were working in tandem with the military to build the terminator. Some of the narratives also suggest that a search to select the ideal candidate was also undertaken by them. The Terminator 2 novels and Terminator 3 extras (sequences that they found too nasty to stuff in the movie) show two other soldiers being short-listed for the profile ( (Dieter von Rossbach and Sgt. William Candy).

There was just a Terminator 3 video game called Easter Egg which featured William Candy whereas Rossback was seen in the Terminator 2 novels, which were totally unrelated to the movies. While these two characters were not appealing, they did show that there was this concept of the US Military having provided the base upon which The Terminator (Model 101) was built.

Since all these three plots exist in the same universe, the most logical choice for a Terminator would be to pick a soldier who had already shown he could knock out the aliens known as the Hunters.

The Technological Evolution has a clear timeline

We can see the technology advancing systematically with time. While it took off with the likes of Cyber Dutch and the Terminator, it went on to become evolved Synthetic beings like Ash and Bishop from the movie Alien and Aliens).

Ash had mentioned the Hyperdyne Systems which obviously sounds like a future version of Cyberdyne Systems. Now the biggest dots are connected by the fact that both the Aliens and The Terminator films were penned and directed by James Cameron. In fact, one older draft of the Aliens script, showed Paul Reiser’s character Burke say, “Cyberdyne Systems.”

Let’s go back to the serial code – CDS-170A3, which we attribute to

Cyberdyne Systems 170A3 model a.k.a. what else if not Cyborg Dutch?

In the similar fashion Ash had the code: Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 which would translate to  HDS-120A2 as per the format used in CDS-170A3.

Let’s break it down.

Three letters (that abbreviate the name of the company).

Followed by the number 1.

Followed by another number.

Followed by the number 0.

This is followed by the letter A and rounded off by another single digit number.

Now let’s have a look at the combinations again.



Nobody could be foolish enough to call it a coincidence even now. In Cameron’s scheme of things it is commonly acknowledged that the Cyberdyne Systems evolved into the Hyperdyne Systems. Now, was it just an innocuous thing slipped into the plot or was it done with an aim to create something of bigger significance in some upcoming film, we know for sure that the makers of the Terminators got their concept based upon the leader of the soldiers who “ain’t got time to bleed.”