The New Star Trek Series called “Discovery” And Here’s Why


So, all of you must be wondering why the new Star Trek series is titled “Discovery.”

Well, so far we have “Next Generation’, “Voyager,” “Deep Space Nine” and “Enterprise.” That’s all good as they are names of the ships/space stations where most of the action took place.

But “Discovery”?

It seems that the ship in the show is USS Discovery.

 According to lead Sonequa Martin-Green, the new Trek is about discovery. This includes uncovering new life in space and also within ourselves.

Ex-Walking Dead star plays Michael Burnham, a human who is raised by a Vulcan family. She is Mr. Spock’s adopted sister.

“I have this Vulcan indoctrination from my upbringing, so I have the nurture of the Vulcan way of life,” she explained.

“I’m extremely driven. Extremely! I’m very passionate about the ideals of Starfleet, so they are emblematic to who I am. I have taken them in to be who I am. My identity is wrapped up in it. I’m a xenoanthropologist, so understanding other people that are different from me is very important to me – and I have a very particular sensitivity to that.

Sometimes the ideologies within me work together and sometimes they don’t, so you’re seeing all of that clashing and then you’re also seeing me figure out who I am. And I’m doing that through self-exploration and through collective exploration, which we’re all doing. Hence, the title of the show, right?”

Apart from seeking new life and new civilizations, Discovery will portray Michael finding herself.

Star Trek: Discovery will follow Michael I her journey as she transitions from an officer of the USS Shenzhou to the Discovery. This is while Starfleet is caught in a war with Klingons.

The series is set to premiere on CBS and CBS All Access on Sunday, September 24 at 8.30/7.30c. It will be available on the following day on Netflix in the UK.