NCIS Season 15 Has Some Exciting Changes


Isn’t it absolutely unbelievable to know that the 15th season of NCIS is headed our way? I mean, 15 seasons is so much crazy and of course exciting. As a build up to the premiere of season 15, the team of Entertainment Tonight Canada, had a chat with some actors of the drama series (Can you believe it is the most watched show on the whole planet?) The cast had one common message for the fans that they should be ready for some mega changes on the show. So what should we expect when the season 15 premieres this fall?

“A lot,” Wilmer Valderrama said. “There’s been some exciting changes in the last two years and we’re infusing a lot more action.”

This sounds quite thrilling, but, what’s even more interesting is to note that this is not the only change that we are going to witness in the upcoming season 15. Valderrama, who has been playing the character of Nick Torres on this long-time CBS series since last year also said:

“What’s also really great is that the team has found a different dynamic, there’s a different energy, same magic, but the team is excited,” he said. “I think the writers are swinging as hard as they’ve ever been, and we’re happy. This year Maria Bello is going to join us, so we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Now these dynamic changes and the introduction of Maria Bello on the show makes us hugely excited about the show, but, we also are feeling jitters about what would happen when Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s team gets together for the new high voltage season.

What are your expectations from the Team of Naval Criminal Investigation Service team in the upcoming season?

Season 15 of NCIS will premiere on September 26, 2017 on CBS.