Marvel’s The Defenders Trailer Released.


The first trailer of Defenders from Netflix is here, and now the circle is complete. The first show in the Marvel’s Netflix series universe was Daredevil, and to be really honest most of the people thought that the show is going to suck by looking at the cast, and the cheap production value in the trailer but we were so wrong.

Netflix gave us the first kick ass live action Dare Devil adaptation, and it kept on hitting the ball out of the park with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

These 3 shows alone increased the sales of Netflix subscription to a whole new level. However, people’s trust on Netflix was shaken by the Iron Fist, which was the 4rth superhero in the Netflix’s Marvel universe. The hated by both the fans and the critics, they said that show was boring mediocre action-drama.

The Defenders show is going to tie up all the superheroes from Marvel’s Netflix universe, that is Daredevil, Electra, Luke Cage, Punisher, and Ironfist. The punisher has not been shown in the trailer, but there are many set photos that have been leaked on the internet which shows Jon Bernthal in the costume of Punisher.

His character was introduced in Daredevil Season 2, and people just went crazy about him, after seeing his performance as Frank Castle a.k.a “The Punisher”, Bernthal is getting his own series sometime this year.

The Defenders series will have an action packed 8 episodes, and it will be a fast-paced action series, that has been designed specifically to please the fans. Here’s the first trailer of Defenders.