He-Man Dirty Dancing With Skeletor In Weird New Commercial


There is quite some time to go before Masters of the Universe reboot hits the theaters. However, the new Money Super Market TV commercial that features He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor seems to be indicating that the rivalry between these two is outdated now. As seen in the advertisement, the duo danced away to the tune of the Dirty Dancing music in a gesture that suggested that they have buried the hatchet.

The hit cartoon that debuted in 1983 was followed by The Masters of the Universe film which proved catastrophic at the box-office thirty years ago. This is quite a long gestation period for the reboot film which is now under development, and the new commercial might just be a teaser of the kind of a relationship these two arch-enemies will share in the future.

The advertiser, MoneySuperMarket is a U.K. based price comparison website, and it showed He-Man and Skeletor coming together in a small-town bar for a dance. Irrespective of who the advertiser was, the sight of these two dance away to the tune ‘I’ve Had The Time of My Life’ was truly awesome. The sequence started with He-Man walking into the bar amidst shocked glances from the patrons present. His gaze meets that of the Skeletor who is shown sitting along and tapping his fingers intently. With a flick of his sword, He-Man turns on the music and hands over his sword to the bartender before breaking into a dance with Skeletor and seeing the bar turn into a dance party.

This is not the first time that He-Man has featured in the SuperMoneyMarket commercials. Early this year, they launched a short video titled “Epic Skeletor” which showed him dancing in the streets and feeling smug about saving money. The video showed He-Man crossing the street, looking quizzically at the evil guy.  That was probably the moment which forced him to rethink about his enmity with Skeletor.

We know that emotions and nostalgia can give a great boost to advertising and this website is superbly incorporating these 80s iconic characters in their commercials. The new Dirty Dancing Video is already breaking the internet just like the “Epic Skeletor” did earlier. We don’t know whether or how much they would have paid to Hasbro for the rights. In fact, Hasbro might have agreed to do it for free as it helps them promote He-Man and this commercial is good enough to feature during Super Bowl.

That’s the news we had for you as of now while we are waiting for the Masters of the Universe to start shaping up. As per the latest official information, David S. Goyer was writing the film and McG was not going to direct this film. The film’s release date has been announced as December 18, 2019, by Sony. However, the silence about the development of the project makes us wonder whether that date will be the actual release date or not. For now, go ahead and enjoy this commercial featuring He-Man and Skeletor and this might just entertain you as much as the 1987 film featuring Dalph Lundgren did.