‘Logan’ Is Hugh Jackman’s Swan Song — But Would He Ever Come Back As Wolverine?


2017 has been quite an emotional challenge for the fans of X-Men, now with Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman exiting the franchise in a heart-wrenching finale. The story of Wolverine has reached a perfect end which has a lot of sentimental as well as symbolic value. By the looks of it, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is now a thing of the past.

Or is it not? Recently during an interview with Variety, Hugh Jackman suggested that he might give it another thought if the circumstances are right.

What Exactly Took Place?

The fans of the superhero were ecstatic last year about the peculiar, comic-book-replica Deadpoolwhich featured Ryan Reynolds. Deadpoolemphasized on the fact that the genre of superheroes has room for far more creativity, style and tonal changes than we have ever witnessed. Fans loved it, and in no time Ryan Reynolds initiated a public appeal for a joint Wolverine and Deadpoolproject.

While at the outset, this might look to be a no go; since Hugh Jackman has been vocal about retiring from X-Men franchise for many years now. However, Jackman is not ruling this one out:

 “I’m hesitating because I could totally see how that’s the perfect fit. But the timing may be wrong.

If we watch Logan, then it becomes clear as to what makes Jackman feel that this has to be the final X-Men film for him. However, that one statement about his “hesitating” is of great importance. It’s true that just that statement is far away from the prospect of seeing him lift his claws in the proposed joint film, it certainly indicates that there is a change in how Jackman feels about the future. It also implies that if Fox gets the pitch right which we believe could be the case with this team up film, then Jackman might just sideline his retirement plans.

Another interesting thing was said by James Mangold, the director of We Got This Covered about this same subject:

“I think for Hugh, part of the power of what we did is the finality of what we did. So, at least at this point, talking about going back on it without knowing why or for what reason [would be silly]. I don’t know though, maybe if some brilliant thing came along, like appearing as a memory in someone else’s movie? Who knows what it could be?”

Therefore, you can’t just be sure about things if Fox comes up with a strong pitch..

Why Is Hugh Jackman Not Going To Play Wolverine Anymore?


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Back in March 2015, Hugh Jackman had posted on Instagram that he sees Logan as the last Wolverine portrayal by him. Ever since he has reiterated the same thing in numerous interviews and over the period, everyone has begun to reconcile to the fact that this is the best way for him to exit Wolverine. After all, he has spent 17 long years on excruciating dietary regimes in his bid to keep himself in the muscular shape of the fierce superhero.

With an emotionally and narratively apt hand over of the Wolverine mantle from a father to a daughter, Logan appears to be just the perfect farewell for the character. The comic books already have X-23 take over the All-New Wolverine: Logan which shows Dafne Keen as X-23 and the character is being loved by the critics.

Also, X-23 is awesome. Would watch more movies based on her character!

— Sean O’Connell (@Sean_OConnell) December 8, 2016

The one question that bothers Jackman has been about the timing, as he had been willing to get paid less to ensure the R-rating for Logan that he felt was right for the film. However, the success of Deadpool gave courage to Fox – Logan’s aesthetics are nothing like what you would see in any other superhero film made by Fox, while on the other the New Mutants by Josh Boone is turning out to be a young-adult spooky thriller. This has pushed the studio towards experimenting further with the superhero realm, and this certainly appeals to someone like Hugh Jackman.

This is further abetted by Reynolds who is trying to convince Jackman. Jackman loves the fans and during the build up for Logan, he reached out to fans in a very emotional way:

My last time putting on the claws. What do you want to see happen? 50 words or less. I’ll read as many as I can. pic.twitter.com/ksA1Gii5tf

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) July 27, 2015

Now that Ryan Reynolds has got fan sentiments backing him up, this has to catch Jackman’s attention too.

What Can Fox Do To Change Jackman’s Mind?

It has been made apparent that the only way to bring Jackman back to X-Men franchise is to create an enticing pitch that covers all bases and compels him to accept it. Even during the 2013 interview with Belfast Telegraph which took place during the promotions for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman had said:

“For me, and I’m well aware there’s way greater powers at play than me and my decision, it’s more about: Do I still have something to offer to it? Is there something different we can explore? Is there a reason to tell another story? Without that, I won’t do it.”

Therefore, merely mentioning that it will be a team up between Deadpool and Wolverine is not going to be adequate. Fox needs to bring in a creative, compelling and unique concept that ventures into previously uncharted territory. What works in favor is the fact that the success of Logan and New Mutants which has created quite a good platform for the future of X-Men franchise, has also put Fox on its way to create such innovative and new genre concepts.