Kevin Conroy Reveals Batman Stories He Wants Adapted Into Movies


Not too many people are as synomous to the word ‘Batman’ than the actor Kevin Conroy, yet, as per him there are quite some more Batman tales that he wishes to take on.

His most notable performance was when he gave the voice for the Dark Knight in the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series and since then he has not only repeatedly performed the part in DC’s animation films, but, he has also done the same for the Arkham series games from Rocksteady.

Despite the above accomplishments, there are still many other Batman legends that he hasn’t yet worked on and those include two of the most prominent stories.

“Oh, of course, Hush,” Conroy was quoted as saying. “Hush would be so cool! Or, A Death in the Family. There’s a lot to do, so we want Warner Bros. to do it.”

The Jeph Loeb story Hush was designed by Jim Lee and is rated among the top contemporary Batman stories. It introduced a new bad guy into the Batman’s world who is a fan favorite even today and briefly toyed with the resurrection of Jason Todd. While Todd’s resurgence didn’t happen, his death was actually witnessed in the other story that Conroy mentioned.

‘A Death in the Family’ was quite famous as a fan poll took the call on Todd’s death. As voted by the fans, this bumping off of Todd was enacted through the Joker and was without a doubt one of the most terrible deaths in the comic world.

Both these stories will be a welcome addition to the animation world and Conroy is apparently keen to get involved with them. 

He will be seen at Wizard World Nashville over the weekend and he feels conventions are his chance to have fan interactions.

“I now mostly do voice work,” Conroy said. “I started out in the theater and I’ve done a lot of other television work, but now I, for the last 20 years I’ve basically done animation, and when you work on doing voice work, you don’t have that interaction with the audience that you get on stage, and that’s what I love about acting, is interacting with the audience. I don’t get to do it anymore, so the only place I really get to do it is at Comic Cons, and I just discovered this huge audience at these Comic Cons.”

He loves every aspect of the assignment. “I love doing the panels, giving the panel discussions,” Conroy said. “I love playing the crowd. My agent tells me I’m a major ham, but it’s so much fun. I love telling stories. I love the interaction with the crowd, and so that’s why I come to the Comic Cons, really to get that audience feedback that’s like my juice.”

Kevin Conroy is spending this weekend at Wizard World Nashville, and his full interview can be seen in the video here.