Jon Bernthal Says The Punisher Would Win In A Fight Against Batman — Is He Right?


Marvel’s character Punisher seems to be on a roll right now. Daredevil Season 2 showed the latest adaptation of Punisher played by Jon Bernthal, and it was a huge success. In fact, it was so awesome that Marvel and Netflix immediately set out to create a solo series.

Now Jon Bernthal has become the talk of the town. As per Screen Geek, during the New York Comic Con, he was asked about who he thinks would win in a fight between Batman or Punisher and he responded by saying:


What are the chances?

Let’s See What Punisher Has Got?

Frank Castle is a highly decorated veteran of war and undoubtedly one of the best soldiers around. The comics showed how he had been trained at the Airborne School, the US Navy SEALs as well as the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. He believes in using his physical self as a deadly weapon and is master of various martial arts. As seen already, Punisher can hold his own in Nash Ryu Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Shorin-Ryu Karate, Hwa Rang Do and Chin Na.

The on screen Punisher by Jon Bernthal is quite a newbie therefore, he can’t be as formidable as the comic version of the Punisher. Yet, what goes for him is that he is fierce and a remorseless soldier who is adept at using any kind of weapon. He believes in no-holds barred battle and he neither worries about the damage inflicted or damage sustained in his pursuit. That means only one thing that if the Punisher is on your trail then you are dead.

How Does Batman Fare?

Batman is a legend. The comic books have shown him face off with the mightiest of DC characters ranging from Superman to Wonder Woman. He is a hell of a tactician and fans believe that given adequate time, Batman can beat any opponent. This was in fact, well demonstrated in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice where the Batman played by Ben Affleck almost had Superman dead.

Punisher is a regimented, die-hard soldier whereas Batman is a warrior. He has traversed the globe to develop his combat skills and is known to perfect more than 127 types of martial arts. He doesn’t use ammunition much, but, that doesn’t imply that he doesn’t have weapons or doesn’t know how to use them. He has pledged the immense fortune of Bruce Wayne to create an array of gadgets. The Batsuit he wears is made of Kevlar and Nomex which can withstand the deadliest gunfire, and his utility pouch is known to contain almost everything that he might need in a battle.

So Which of These Two Would Win?

Let’s just take away the preparation time to bring Batman down to the same playing field as the Punisher. Yet, this would mean that the Batsuit would make Punisher’s weapons ineffective and the legendary combat skills of the Dark Knight would be too much for the Punisher to tackle. Since both of these are great fighters and can take an incredible amount of punishment, we know that neither of these would give up easily, but, we also don’t see Punisher walking away victorious from a battle against the Batman.

In fact, it is unlikely that the Punisher would even have absolute focus on this fight, rather, we think that he might aim only to run away to continue his crusade against crime. If he gets the right kind of weapons and circumstances, then the Punisher might be able just to hoodwink Batman long enough to escape from Gotham. However, in case he stayed back in Gotham then no matter where he hides, Batman would hunt him down in the end.

The point is; the Punisher has never fared well against athletic and capable fighters. We have seen in the comics that Daredevil has matched him on some occasions and their fight in Daredevil Season 2is also a testimony.  On the other hand, Batman has taken on and beaten the most powerful and the deadliest terrorists, criminals and heavily armed troopers. He even took out both Deathstroke as well as Deadshot, although he had to struggle a fair bit, but, he ultimately won. The Punisher doesn’t seem to hold any such edge in this battle.

Conclusively, we believe that Jon Bernthal got this one wrong. While it could be accepted that Batman is a bit over-rated as a superhero, a lot of his fans believe he can change the global order if given a day’s time to prepare for it. Therefore, in the battle against Punisher, Batman will simply steamroll his opponent.