Jeff Bridges Wants Starman 2 To Be Made


Since everything has either got a remake, reboot, prequel or sequel then it makes perfect sense to make a sequel to Starman, the science fiction romance from 1984. The star of that film, Jeff Bridges is of the opinion that the time is here to make this happen. He wishes to see the sequel real soon. He has the idea about how it can be done and that’s not surprising for anyone who has seen that movie.

The film Starman is quite an aberration in the career of filmmaker John Carpenter who is reputed for his work in the horror movie genre, but, has occasionally stepped out of his preferred genre with fun films such as Big Trouble in Little China as well as thrillers such as Escape from New York. However, he had never helmed any project merging science fiction with romance and comedy.

The film came close on the heels of several iconic horror movies from Carpenter including Halloween, The Fog, The Thing and Christine. He called this non-fussy story as a refreshing change of pace.

The film’s premise was about an alien who took human form of the dead husband of a young lady and then asked her to drive him down to Wisconsin from Arizona. The journey saw the authorities trying to intercept them at various points. The film was great fun and unlike anything else that John Carpenter did ever since.

Jeff Bridges who starred in the movie opposite the leading lady Karen Allen wants a sequel now. He says he must know the fate of Starman and Jenny Hayden. As per him, there are some questions left unanswered by the original film and stated in an interview with Hitflix that he wants answers to those questions.

 “Starman, what happened there? That’s kind of set up. Y’know Karen Allen is preggers. She’s got that little ball and stuff. What’s up with that? Y’know what I mean?”

He further elaborated how he has kept notes and has his own concepts on how he thinks the sequel should shape out. He didn’t share any of his thoughts considering the possibility of a sequel really taking place.

At present he is promoting his other sequel movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which releases later this month. This is his debut film for the Kingsman series and he is playing the role of a Statesman.

Karen Allen is also very much in action and we might see her in the Starman sequel too. She had recently mentioned that she has not been approached to reprise her role of Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones 5, although, she is open to it. Therefore, we see no reason as to why she won’t be open for the sequel of Starman as well? The film is great fun and one of the highlights of her career.

John Carpenter doesn’t direct much these days and he is occupied with tours of his music from the various soundtracks produced and recorded by him throughout his career. However, there has been a lot of interest in his projects of late with Halloween being redone by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green.

This film is being produced by Carpenter and then there is soon going to be a remake of Big Trouble in Little China starring Dwayne Johnson. Not only that, the remake of Escape from New York is also in the plans with speculation about revival of Christine and They Live as well. Therefore, why not to have a sequel to Starman? It might turn out to be great.