He-Man Movie Has A Release Date Now And The Production Is On-Fast Track!

He-Man Movie

It’s time for the 80’s kids to rejoice because the indomitable muscular hero of 80’s the great He-Man” is getting a new movie, and it even has a release date now. Sony has recently announced that “The Masters Of The Universe” movie will be released on December 18, 2019.

This movie is under production since 2014, that’s when the Charlie’s Angels director McGinty confirmed that he is directing a He-Man movie and the script was written by Jeff Wadlow, that was transferred to Christoper Yost (Thor: Ragnarok) and then it has finally landed in the hands of David Goyer ( Christopher Nolan’s Batman Series).

David Goyer is an exceptionally talented writer, who has an impeccable skill of creating gold out of even dullest characters, he can do magic with He-Man’s content and backstories.

McGinity is not directing this movie anymore, neither he will be part of the production, we are not sure, why this has happened? Because he was the guy, who was running around the Hollywood lanes to get this movie made.

In fact, he convinced the giant studios that they should give a chance to He-Man, because before his efforts none of these studios were interested in investing on He-Man IP, as they considered it DEAD! It would be really sad if McGinty doesn’t get the credit or massive profit for doing all this legwork.

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There were rumors that Kallen Lutz is going to play He-Man, he even tweeted that he had a very positive meeting with McGinity last year, but it looks like even his position as He-Man is not confirmed now. There are rumors that many A-Listers are trying to pounce on getting the sweet spot on the cast after they heard the David Goyer has been picked for writing the screenplay!

During the 3 years of production hell of this upcoming He-Man movie, there was a point when Justin Lin was involved, he had revealed that they want the audience to explore and feel the vibrant world of Eternia, and they don’t have any plans to bring the battle to Earth. They want this movie to be completely focused on the origin story of He-Man and the villains. In the original He-Man TV series nothing much was revealed about origins but the remake of He-Man via an animated TV series in the 2000s did a fantastic job in telling the origin story. They want this movie’s tone to be in between Star Wars and Guardians of the galaxy.

All these statements seem positive, but they are also giving a vibe that the studio is concentrating on giving a compact story that’s very personal to He-Man and his world. And to be honest this looks like a great attempt, we wish these guys a Good Luck for this movie because the fans have waited too long for this project to actuate and their hopes are really high for this movie.