Goku Or Superman…Who Would Win?


This particular fan battle has been going on for quite some time. All Dragon Ball fans say that Goku would win because he can rip apart planets by powering up but comic fans believe it will surely be Superman.

So, both of them are aliens from civilizations and the last of their kind who found a home on another planet. Superman and Goku have powers and are fighting for good. Yes, their levels and scope of powers are different, and this will decides who will finally win this battle.

It depends highly on the situation and how much they prepare for this epic battle. But let us say that Superman and Goku meet in a barren field with no civilians around.

And they begin fighting. Some believe that they are both good and would not fight. This is not true as Goku loves to fight, especially with strong opponents. He would even beg Superman for a battle.

Goku uses Ki energy which is a balanced force in the body created by Goku’s physical, mental and emotional existence. He can easily manipulate his energy to be a body enhancer to get stronger and faster. This would be like sunlight for Superman. Without Ki, he is not strong. As a Saiyan, Goku heals faster and gets stronger after each battle. But the DBZ Universe has stated that Ki is not magic. Whereas, Kal-El is fueled by the sun which gives him immense powers.

Is it true that Superman cannot fight in super speed and that he can only travel?

We have seen it in comics before, but we do not know his speed capabilities and let’s just say he can’t. Goku can fight the battle faster. But it does not matter if he cannot harm Superman since.

When it comes to strength, Superman will win. Is this true?

Yes, Superman has been seen bench-pressing the weight of the entire planet for 5 days. But we have not seen Goku getting anywhere close to this feat. Goku seems to get hurt by simple things like swords and slaps.

A power punch from Superman would surely obliterate Goku. But he cannot hit him if he cannot catch Goku, which we have seen with Trunk’s battle with Cell, so it comes down to stamina and durability.


 Goku is way faster than Superman, and he can use Ki in very devastating ways. Yes, Superman is way stronger and much more durable. Goku is not invulnerable like Superman, but he surely can get more attacks and damage. But one should note that Goku is weaker and cannot take a lot of damage. But he is hard to catch. Seems like a circle going on forever? Well, maybe but we can conclude the debate now. It is pretty obvious who will win this battle.

So, who will win?

Superman! But, why?

See, Superman’s sunlight powers are much longer lasting than Goku’s Ki energy. And saiyans tire out and empty their energy reserves in all battles. Superman has been bench-pressing the Earth’s weight even where there was no sunlight, and this means that he has been doing training for five days without even tiring out.

The only chance that Goku even has is if he can do his most powerful attacks, like the Super Dragon Fist or the minimum of an omega level Spirit Bomb. But that should be without tiring out.

And that is highly unlikely given Superman’s strength.

So, we have a winner… Superman!