‘Godzilla 2’ Director Reveals Connection to Original Godzilla Film


During the ongoing shooting of Godzilla 2, its director Michael Dougherty surprised the audience through a social media share. Calling it “Day 41” of the film’s shoot, he posted an image on Twitter that would instantly connect with the Godzilla fans.

As per Film, the thing that is shown in the picture is an ‘Oxygen Destroyer’, something that was seen in the 1954 classic Godzilla movie for the first time. The film showed this device being used to kill Godzilla while it destroyed Tokyo.

The Oxygen Destroyer was invented by Dr. Serizawa in in the original film, and that’s the name for the character played by Ken Watanabe in the “Godzilla 2”. The character of Dr. Serizawa is likely to be different in the two films, but, this coincidence was too uncanny to go unnoticed. This might mean that the upcoming film will also show Dr. Serizawa use the machine to kill Godzilla or his enemies.

This film is the third part of the “Monsterverse” by Legendary Pictures with the 2017 release “Kong: Skull Island” which shall be the second film of this franchise. The Godzilla 2 will show the lizard king battle some of his mightiest enemies such as Mothra, Rodan and King Gidorah. This film will also serve as a base for the 2020 mega film “Godzilla vs. Kong” which will feature these two iconic monsters battle each other.

Godzilla was first seen on screen in the 1954 film which was produced and distributed by Toho. This film is regarded as the first “Kaiju” (strange beast) movie in the Japanese and featured the mighty lizard monster flattening the whole city of Tokyo. This paved way for a franchise which saw Godzilla fighting other monsters or the monsters getting their own solo movies.

Godzilla 2 is scheduled to release in March 2019.