George Lucas Said He Wishes To Direct The Final ‘Star Wars’ Movie


There was more chaos for Lucas film to deal with when the Star Wars universe declared the firing of another director, but, they might have solace in the fact that they need not go far to find someone else to helm Episode IX.

If a 40 year old interview with George Lucas is anything to go by, he might just be the guy to do it.

After the release of the very first Star Wars film, Lucas had spoken to Rolling Stone and expressed his plans for the series and future intentions. That conversation had him saying that he wouldn’t mind letting other directors take care of future films before coming back.

“What I want to do is direct the last sequel,” Lucas had said. “I could do the first one and the last one and let everyone else do the ones in between.”

The creator of the Star Wars is reputed as a perfectionist who keeps improvising till the last possible moment during production. The same interview quoted him saying that in his opinion the original Star Wars was“25% of what I wanted it to be.”

Many of the filmmakers consider their works to be ultimate and guard fiercely against any outside tinkering, Lucas considered it to be a challenge.

I would want to try and get some good directors, and see what their interpretation of the theme is,” Lucas said. “I think it will be interesting, it is like taking a theme in film school, say, okay, everybody do their interpretation of this theme.”

He had said that his film had prepared the launch pad for the other stories that can develop without having to explain too much about what is Empire or what Wookies are, thus, providing them with emhanced creative freedom to do the story telling.

“And it’s a competition. I’m hoping if I get friends of mine they will want to do a much better film, like, ‘I’ll show George that I can do a film twice that good,’ and I think they can, but then I want to do the last one, so I can do one twice as good as everybody else. [laughs]”

While we didn’t see Lucas come back to direct the new films after Disney took over his production house, he had directed the prequels and stamped his vision for the universe. Despite having ideas for a sequel trilogy, he never went ahead to create them.

Therefore, Kathleen Kennedy might just be tempted to give the Star Wars universe’ grand old man, a chance to wrap up the saga that he had started.

The Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release on May 24, 2019.