The Fly Reboot Under Development At 20th Century Fox


David Cronenberg achieved the biggest box-office success of his career in 1986 when The Fly netted $60 million in comparison to the $9 million budget that it had. This was a remake of the 1958 original from Kurt Neumann’s classic horror film, and it featured Jeff Goldblum as an extraordinarily talented, but, crazy scientist who got mutated into a human-fly hybrid after a disastrous experiment.

The film received a great deal of applause from the viewers and the critics as well, and the maximum praise was garnered by Goldblum’s performance and the film’s special effects. Later it won the Best Makeup Oscar and in turn was the only Cronenberg film to be awarded with an Oscar. Undoubtedly, it has been referred to as his best work ever.

Rumors surfaced in 2009 about Cronenberg’s plans to make another remake of this film. After several year, he explained that he had written some sort of a The Fly sequel script, but, it couldn’t take off due to budget issues.

It has now been reported by Deadline that there is a remake in the works at Fox although it is not a sequel and doesn’t have any place for Cronenberg. Rather, J.D. Dillard who had a sensational directorial debut through Sleight which created quite a buzz at the Sundance Film Festival last year, is under discussions to direct and co-write the film. He will be teaming up with Alex Theurer for the script.

While reboots are the in thing these days at Hollywood and have been making great money, they are mostly either a smash hit or a miss thing and The Fly is a dicey sort of a project. While movie lovers enjoyed it, it has failed to get appreciation from the younger audiences. The 1989 sequel The Fly II had also received negative feedback and was only a moderate success at the box-office. This is not really a great news for those who are hoping to encash the popularity of the initial movie.

The undeniable fact is that The Fly had an appeal which ran far deeper than the macabre special effects and the scary plot. The story was loved by the fans for its originality, fun element, and the shock value. Therefore, the makers have a lot to look forward to and take the base from. Dillard and Theurer come across as a high potential team, and they have done works in the past which fall in line with The Fly.

The Sleigh was a hybrid between magic and science fiction thriller which showed a petty magician getting tangled into the drug business and is forced to use his magic to protect his sister’s life who was kidnapped due to his activities. They are also handling the production of another similar film focusing on horror and survival. Titled Sweetheart, this film features Kiersey Clemons (Dope) in the lead role.

Special effects have undergone generational change since 1986 and it will be fun to see how the duo of Dillard and Theurer create a modern adaptation of The Fly. We never know if this film turns out to deliver a fortune similar to what Cronenberg enjoyed earlier. 

We will bring to you further updates about The Fly as soon as more information is received.