Doctor Who : Reports Say The Next Doctor Is A Woman, Even Hints About The Actress.

Female Doctor Who

The Internet is filled up to the brim with rumors and speculations of – “Who is going to be the next Doctor Who?”, “Are we going to have a person of color as Doctor who?”, “Is the next Doctor going to be a Woman?” There is a new addition to this crazy world of rumors and speculation, and it feels like this could be true.

Recently, a reputable Geek site named “Nerdist” hinted that the 13th Doctor is going to be a woman, and not just that, she is a woman of color. They even have the name of the actress that is being considered for the role of the next Doctor. The extremely talented, actress, writer, and producer Michaela Coel, who shook the world with her show “Chewing Gum” on Netflix, is being considered by BBC for the next Doctor Who’s spot.

If this rumor is true, she is going to hit two targets with a single bullet. She will be the first woman to play the Doctor, and she will be the first woman of color to play the Doctor Who’s role as well. A show that had male protagonists for more than half a century is finally opening up to women to fill the shoes of the Doctor. If Michaela grabs this opening, it is going to be a historical event in the history of Television!