The Crow Reboot Is Now Moving Ahead At Sony


The Crow Reborn – the reboot of the original 1994 movie that has been in the making since ages, seems to be gearing up for a flight finally, now with Sony Pictures clearing a deal for the film’s global distribution. This is a story of a man who comes back from the dead to take revenge from the gang who had killed him and his lady love. He is guided by a crow in his mission. This film turned out to have a cult standing and for several years now, there has been buzz about it being remade. A sizeable list of filmmakers and performers were attached and then detached to the much touted project.

The years saw us hearing about Mark Whalberg, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum and Luke Evans taking up the lead role while Directors Stephen Norrington (Blade) and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo vacated the Directorial chair. There was a hope about the film going into production in 2016 when Jason Momoa got on board, but, the film faced issues due to rights concerns and once again got postponed.

However, now the film looks to be in good fortune and The Tracking Board has reported that Sony Pictures has joined the film as distributors. We don’t know whether Jason is still onboard or what’s the film’s release schedule like, but, the actor certainly has some great tidings ahead with Aquaman set to make a big splash at the box-office. Therefore, Sony would love to keep him going. There was some Instagram banter going on between the actor and Director Corin Hardy who is presently listed to helm The CrowReborn about an upcoming project, recently.


The film might mean the launch of a new comic book franchise for Sony, who are basking in the glory of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film is expected to be similar in nature to the original graphic novel by James O’Barr and that means the film is going to get an R rating. Sony seems to have been greatly impressed by the success seen by Deadpooland Logan because their other upcoming Tom Hardy film Venom is also likely to be R rated.

The original Crow film had launched a franchise which saw three dubious sequels and a short duration TV series. That would also be on Sony’s radar and if the reboot does well then they will undoubtedly turn it into a franchise. The film will also be tested by a fan base that is extremely touchy about any tinkering with the film and believes that the original film should remain untouched as a tribute to Brandon Lee, who had sadly died in an accident on the sets during the filming of the original.

The Crow Reborn has already spent a long time in the development stage with one hellish problem surfacing after another and we just hope that the final outcome will be worth the agonizing wait for all concerned!