Captain America To Die In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ ?


At the age of 35, Chris Evans seems a bit too young to retire from the role of Captain America. Steve Rogers was born in 1918, so he needs some rest.

While the actor has not officially confirmed that he is ready to leave #MCU, an article from Esquire suggests that Avengers: Infinity War will be his last film as Captain America.

“Settling in on the couch, he groans. Evans explains that he’s hurting all over because he just started his workout routine the day before to get in shape for the next two Captain America films. The movies will be shot back to back beginning in April. After that, no more red- white-and-blue costume for the thirty-five-year-old. He will have fulfilled his contract.”


If this is true, then it makes sense for #CaptainAmerica to join Peggy Carter in that old retirement home in the sky. Thanos will be the biggest threat that MCU has ever faced.

Thanos had Killed Captain America. After being frozen and shot by Sharon Carter, Captain America has proven to be a resilient OAP.

Wielding god-like power of the Infinity Stones, Thanos had proceeded to decimate the heroes with a wave of his hand. After the Mad Titan killed Cyclops and turned Thor into pieces of glass, Captain America was left as the last man standing.

Steve Rogers stood up to Thanos at this moment that was destined for the Captain America hall of fame. Then, Mad Titan blinked the battlefield and Cap along with it.

While fans doubt that the Russo Brothers will re-enact the comic book scene panel by panel, there is a strong chance that the iconic moment may make it in the final cut, before he is brutally cut down.

If that is the case, then we could not imagine a more fitting end for Star Spangled Avenger and #ChrisEvans’s time in MCU.