“Batgirl” Appears To Introduce The First Transgender Character To Superhero Films


In an evident assurance to make up for lost time to the MCU, Warner Bros. have declared a few new films to add to their DC canon. They first had Nightwing get a solo film, and now a Joss Whedon-directed Batgirl has been declared. The reaction has been mixed so far, with a few people referring to Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a valid proof that he’s ideal to lead Batgirl. However, others indicate Whedon’s dangerous depiction of Black Widow in Age of Ultron as evidence that he shouldn’t be allowed near female superheroes ever. Nevertheless, the darling #DC character Batgirl has many years of stories to draw from, and there are a lot of things we trust the new motion picture will incorporate. Right on top of my rundown is Alysia Yeoh who’s Barbara’s closest companion and the very first transgender character in standard comics.

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Alysia was presented in the New 52’s Batgirl solo series as the room mate of Barbara. Alysia’s a painter, activist and an aspiring chef cook. However, Alysia soon turned into Babs’ dearest companion, and in the end turned out to her as transgender. It has now been affirmed that Whedon’s film will adapt the New 52 Batgirl series. Therefore, it appears to be very likely that Alysia will show up.

Alysia has ended up being a well-known character among fans which is on account of her fascinating portrayal. As it is, she’s a spunky activist and a kind-hearted companion. In fact, Alysia has turned out to be such a staple of Batgirl’s story that she was additionally incorporated into the later series Batgirl Of Burnside, which saw her wed her long-time sweetheart Jo.

We’d love to see Alysia show up in the #DCEU Batgirl film, while Barbara balances her superhero missions with her regular day to day existence. The New 52 series follows Barbara after her dreadful injury because of the Joker in The Killing Joke. However, dissimilar to the 1990s follow-ups that saw Babs become bound to the wheelchair, Oracle, the hacker hero, did an exploratory surgery in the New 52. This allowed Barbara to soar high through the city as Batgirl. Be that as it may, she needed to conceal this personality from her flat mate Alysia, which made for intriguing narrating.

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Alysia’s presence onscreen would be gigantically noteworthy and motivational. As it is, so far there have been definitely no trans characters in superhero motion pictures and not very many in standard comics.

When we discuss #LGBT portrayal, it’s simple to overlook the last letter in the acronym. From multiple points of view transgender youth are more at risk than any other individual in the LGBT group. With a shockingly high suicide rate, transgender children are on the way to winding up destitute after being kicked out by parents who’re unsupportive.

It appears like an answer for an entangled social issue. Constructive portrayals of underestimated individuals in predominant media can have a tremendous effect. For many people, seeing characters like them on a screen sends a message that they aren’t the only one, that they exist and things could be better. In addition to this, it can go as far as changing mind-sets of others.

Despite the fact that she’s only a supporting character, it would be phenomenal to see Alysia in the Batgirl film, as she could turn into a reference point for trans youth. What’s more, who knows, perhaps Alysia will even turn into a Batgirl herself, like in the Elseworlds comic DC’s Bombshells. Placing the primary transgender superhero on the extra large screen? Well, that would truly give DC an edge over Marvel.


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