9 Casting Possibilities For The All New Mortal Kombat Movie


The 1995 Mortal Kombat film is undoubtedly the best video game to be converted into a movie adaptation. It was a blend of brilliantly choreographed martial moves and a whacky script with a lot of chuckles. All this made it a standout amongst the best movies of its decade. We know that James Wan is going to produce the new Mortal Kombat film. This actually means that the franchise seems to be in great hands. Wan has demonstrated skill by making both an action movie like Furious 7 and horror like The Conjuring 2. This further means that he has every one of the skills to pull off a Mortal Kombat film. However, who will be his cast? Here are a couple of possibilities to consider;

1. Liam Neeson as Raiden

Raiden is seemingly the most crucial casting choice for a Mortal Kombat film. This is because he will be the one who will do majority of the talking since he will be presenting the odd universe of Mortal Kombat. While Christopher Lambert was a wily and fun choice as Raiden, Neeson could unquestionably add a substantially more debilitating edge to the God of Lightning. In the games, Raiden is a man to be dreaded and Neeson’s forcing stature and grave voice would possess all the necessary qualities superbly. Neeson has frame filling the role of a God since he has already played the role of Zeus in Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans.


2. Megan Fox as Princess Kitana

This could be viewed as a controversy since Megan Fox isn’t known for being a renegade. Although her roles in the Transformers and Turtles films have made her a popular name, she is largely seen as a sight to behold rather than a butt-kicker. However, nowadays we have stunt doubles and special effects to bring in the impacts. Therefore, Miss Fox’s absence of experience with regards to doing her own stunts isn’t the most concerning issue. In light of what she said in a recent interview, she appears to be very eager on playing the role of Kitana.

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