9 Actors Rumored For A Big Budget Street Fighter Reboot Movie (2019).


Street Fighter franchise is a cultural phenomenon that has taken over the world via its amazing video games. However, all the Street Fighter Live-Action movies have been an utter failure. Gareth Evans, the guy who made excellent action-packed movies like Raid and Raid Redemption, is going to chair the direction for the upcoming Street Fighter movie reboot. This film is going to be a big-budget exercise with some of the top dogs from the Wrestling and Hollywood circles. It will be a collaboration between Capcom and Sony, and they are currently targeting the release date for late 2018 or early 2019. One of the things that have been made clear from creators that they are going to stay true to the source material, and they have no plans to make this movie realistic. The cast for Street Fighter reboot looks astonishingly good, and if they can grasp these actors, we can undoubtedly consider, half of the battle is won! Here are the names of the actors who are rumored to be confirmed for SF reboot :-

1) Iko Uwais As Ryu

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2) Charlie Hunnam As Ken Masters

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  1. The only people who should be doing anything to do with a live action Street Fighter adaptation in any shape or form is Joey Ansah and his incredible team who produced Street Fighter Assassins Fist because they honor Street Fighters Story and balance the action with beautiful story telling. Us fans care very deeply about the story behind awesome characters like Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka and so on. I want to see the Street Fighter World Warrior series come into fruition before anything else. I don’t want to see everything rushed and crammed into a single film. Street Fighters characters along with its fans deserve that. Many of us fans are now in our 30’s and are well beyond a wish wash throw together film for the sake of greedy company executives wanting to upgrade their 7 series BMW.

  2. please get these actors to workout and beef up and be buff because in the street fighter game and anime is how they look like, if not then just dont f2f o it