6 Hilarious Comic Strips Prove Deadpool & Wolverine’s, Granddaughter Are Marvel’s Best New Duo!


Deadpool’s character has become a pop culture phenomenon after the movie based on it met with groundbreaking critical and financial success.  We are going to get the next Deadpool movie next year, and it will Deadpool’s closest ally Cable. It’s big news because the sarcastic bantering between these two characters is hilarious. Deadpool shares similar kind of “One-sided” love-hate relationship with Spiderman and fans love it!

But from past few months in the world of comic books, Deadpool has a new favorite person, and that’s Wolverine’s, Granddaughter – Gabrielle Kinney! Now, you would be like when did Wolverine had a Granddaughter? Let us explain this relationship, Gabby is a direct clone of X-23 (Laura), and Laura is a direct clone of Wolverine, hence, the relationship.

Readers got to explore the team-up between Deadpool and Gabby in the All-New Wolverine series, which focuses on Wolverine and Laura, but it also has Gabby & Deadpool for comic relief, and to be honest, it is working!

Here are some comic book panels from All-New Wolverine that show, why we need more of “Deadpool-Gabby” Awesomeness in our life:-

1) A “Good” Ruthless Killing Machine.

Gabby doesn’t have an all-grown-up personality like his sister-mom-relative Laura, she has retained some child-like qualities, and she is even kind to the people she kills. But don’t be mistaken with her cute little convos, she is still a killing machine like the rest of her Wolvie-Family!

2) She Is Similar To Deadpool?

So Deadpool is a mean person, who is mostly busy killing people for money, but he happens to have a sweet-hearted superpower that is not mentioned in any of his Wikis! He is exceptionally good with kids; there is something about him that clicks with children. There have been several instances where Deadpool has sacrificed himself or endured horrible pain just to make sure the little ones are safe. He has helped kids with suicidal tendencies; he has ripped out his body parts to donate them to save people, and even meets with cancer patient children in the hospital often just to make them happy (he plays the song “We are the champions” and dance to it)! Maybe he finds this connection with kids because he carries a childish and carefree personality. Gabby has similar qualities and this is one common ground that brings these two characters together. Here is a comic book screenshot that shows his soft side for the kiddies!

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