6 Original Actors/Characters May Return For “Goonies 2” As Parents!


There was news in 2014 that Warner Bros wants to fast track the production Of Gremlins & Goonies Sequel, but then things halted for two years. However, it looks like the talks have started once again, and this time they have a schedule and preliminary cast decisions. Goonies is one of the most beloved movies of the 80’s, and nearly every kid back in the day has cherished this gem of a film. Warner Bros wants to bring back all the old cast, and the creative heads for the sequel. Most of the cast is extremely excited about the project, and they want to be part of it. Richard Donner has been away from movies, since 2006, but he has said that if he gets to work with the old cast and Steven Spielberg’s story for Goonies, he has no problems in Direct the sequel be back. A few months back a synopsis was leaked for Goonies 2 that stated original characters would be back in the sequel as adults and they will have their own kids, who will be accompanying them in the next adventure. This is an age of 80’s reboots and sequels, and some of them have worked exceptionally well, one such example is “Mad Max” and Warner Brother seems to be quite confident about Goonies sequel. According to the current schedule, they want to land Goonies in theaters before 2020. Here’s the cast that we may see for Goonies 2:-
1. Sean Astin As Mikey


2. Kerri Green As Andy

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