5 Superhero Couples We Had Been Crushing Upon.


Superheroes are such favorites not because of their cool costumes or amazing bodies. Superheroes stand for ideals far above us, something we could emulate. But in the end, they are humans 9at least, on the inside), and they too desire the companionship of love. So let’s take a look at some of the most famous superhero couples from the pages of comic books:

1) Black Panther and Storm

The King of Wakanda and the master of natural forces, Black Panther and Storm developed an interest for each other back in the 80s. They finally married in 2008. However, during the Avengers vs. X-men events, the couple found themselves on opposing sides. Unsurprisingly, they got divorced in a very cold manner. The real reason of the separation was not the pot, but the demands of the fans. Many people found it absurd that the two incompatible superheroes were together only on the basis of their skin color. Hence, one famous superhero couple parted ways.

2) Green Arrow and Black Canary

This couple is perhaps quite well-known, especially to those who watch the CW show Arrow. In the comics, they started hitting on each other as early as the 60s. After a lot of on-and-offs in the relationship, the couple finally married in 2008. They are still together, and we cannot complain.

3) Superman and Wonder Woman

The two biggest names in the comic book world (and beyond), Superman and Wonder Woman became a couple in the recent New 52 series. The two superheroes were the epitome of virtues, and had quite a lot in common. For instance, both came from outside of humanity, yet became a symbol of hope and inspiration among them. Both were mammoths of strength, yet their relationship was tender and mature. It’s a shame that their romance ended with the New 52.

4) Gambit and Rogue

You might have seen rogue with Bobby (Ice man) in the X-men films, but the comic nerds know that Rogue and Gambit were the original couple. The two superheroes made a peculiar couple since they were outcasts in a manner; Gambit’s touch could make anything explode, while Rogue’s touch could drain somebody power and life. Their romance developed at a physical distance, but later on writers decided that it was okay for them to touch each other after all. And fans rejoiced.

5)Batman and Catwoman

The most iconic couple in this list, you only need to see them to determine that they were meant to be. Over its long course, the two superheroes never actually settled for each other. Batman wanted to reform Selina towards a civilized life, while Catwoman wanted Bruce to break his rules regarding morality. But the romance between them endured despite all the odds. Only recently, Bruce proposed Selina for marrying him.