2 Letters Reflecting That A Female “Doctor Who” Is Surely Not A Sign Of A Transgender Agenda


The British actress Jodie Whittaker is cast to be the star of the science fiction series “Doctor Who.” And with this role, she is the first woman to take this title role.

This move triggered two people who write open letters regarding the same and in response to Jon Caldara’s column.

The first letter is by Galen Mitchell, Denver.

“As both a proud “Doctor Who” fan and a trans woman, I was disappointed by Jon Caldara’s column.

There were a number of problems with the column. However, Caldara’s argument that a female Doctor is the product of the trans rights movement is the most ridiculous. I am a trans rights activist, and never even considered that possibility.

The Doctor has been a man for so long because the show’s narrative choices have been constrained by the misogynistic expectations of society. In the past especially, a female Doctor would have been a hard sell. Women were not seen as capable of being preternaturally smart and capable — traits that are central to the Doctor character. The fact that society, though perhaps not people like Caldara, is now capable of seeing a woman in this light is a simple issue of sloughing off some of that misogynistic baggage.”

-Galen Mitchell, Denver

The second is by Teresa Latimer, Colorado Springs

 I’m not convinced that the writers, directors or producers of “Doctor Who” are pushing any sort of transgender agenda by introducing a new, female Doctor. In order to accept Jon Caldara’s argument, one would have to believe that the show’s shape-shifters and time lords exist, which they clearly don’t, and have a gender (other than appearance), which we really don’t know.

And while there have been rallies held across the country to promote LGBTQ rights, there hasn’t been one demanding an LGBTQ doctor on a fictional television show. Caldara should simply calm down and enjoy the show for what it is: entertainment, and nothing more.

-Teresa Latimer, Colorado Springs