15 Must-Watch Shots Of the DC’s Stunning Women From Movie Universe!


DC’s extended universe may not be successful in the eyes of the critics, but it has certainly earned millions of dollars on the box-office, and their movies have some of the most talented and beautiful people in the film industry, especially the actresses! Gal Gadot has become an international icon just by appearing for few minutes in the Batman V Superman, and we can say the same things for most of the characters in the DC movie universe. DC has some of the most powerful and famous characters in the comic book industry that have dominated it for more than 70+years. There are so many hidden gems in terms of beauty in the DC movies that we are sure you may have missed these exceptionally beautiful women during your first watch. Here are the handpicked pictures of the gorgeous DC Cinematic Universe actresses that may have skipped your sharp eyes:-

1. You Know You Want To Be In Harley Quinn’s Squad!


2. Gal Gadot Always Leaves Us In Wonder


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