15 Most Awesome Jedi And Sith


Star Wars comprises of seven movies, two animated series and various books within the recent “Star Wars” canon. Fans have seen a portion of the best Jedi and Sith the Forces through them all. However, which were the best we’ve seen or heard of? We have here, a list of the 15 such powerful Jedi and Sith…

15. Kit Fisto

Fisto plays a minor role in Attack of the Clones, partaking in the battle on Geonosis to save Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme Amidala. Be that as it may, Fisto’s skills can’t genuinely be acknowledged until “The Clone Wars,” when he goes head to head against General Grievous. Amid their battle, he effectively removes the Android’s hand and shows off some great double wielding skills.

He was one of the Jedi Council’s most trustworthy and dependable individuals. Windu acknowledged his ability and chose him to help in detaining Emperor Palpatine. Even though he wound up being one of the first victim’s at the Sith Lord’s hands, Fisto’s significance to the chamber shouldn’t be down played.

14. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress wouldn’t be somebody most would consider when referring to Jedi or Sith. Nevertheless, she could be considered a “Sith substitute” because of the Rule of Two.

A previous Jedi who tumbled to the Dark Side after her Master’s demise, Ventress became a professional killer for the Empire. She was trained by Count Dooku and attempted to follow the path. However, it was to no avail as she was rejected and nearly killed by her Master. After that, she swung to the life of a bounty hunter, making use of her Dark Force powers without serving the Empire. From multiple points of view, she went about as a foil for Ahsoka Tano. As it is, both deserted their Masters and gained independence from the battling Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Ventress demonstrated her prowess by fighting with Anakin and Obi-Wan numerous times all through the “Clone Wars.” In fact, Emperor Palpatine acknowledged her strength and potential. He clearly saw the kind of Sith apprentice she could get to be were it not for the Rule of Two or Count Dooku’s presence.



13. Kylo Ren

As one of the new-school Sith, Kylo Ren still has to prove himself as a Sith Apprentice. He was born as Ben Solo, the only child of Han Solo and Leia Organa. Ren wound up stuck between the warring Light and Dark sides of the Force and was underneath the pressure of living up to his family name. In the long run, the dark side won and he is the leader of the First Order. While we haven’t seen the full degree of his powers however, by leading the Knights of Ren, whoever they are, is quite an achievement.

He shares his granddad and Sith master Darth Maul’s complex verve, wears a Vader-esque helmet and uses a broadsword style lightsaber. This makes him one of the few Force-users who don’t utilize the traditional variant of their exquisite weapon. With training left to be completed, KyloRen still has a long way to go.



12. Qui-Gon

Everyone is aware of that one individual who acts like a rebel or dissident against the established order. However, when it came to Jedi who did not leave the order, Qui-Gon was that one individual, at least in the movies.

Qui-Gon played the Jedi Code considerably more liberally than most, willing to break it or resist it if he felt it important. He assumed an instrumental part in marking Anakin as the Chosen One to bring in balance to the Force and was never budged from training him, in spite of his rejection by the High Council initially. Notwithstanding his insubordinate side, Qui-Gon is also thoughtful and composed. This side of his was reflected in Obi-Wan, his apprentice.

The wily Jedi knight not only has a major role behind Anakin’s future as a Jedi, but also for finding the ways behind immortality.



11. Ahsoka Tano

An exceptionally welcome expansion to the “Star Wars” canon, Ahsoka Tano rapidly got to be one of the main icons within the “Clone Wars” and “Revolts” series. She was presented as an enthusiastic, yet inexperienced Padawan assigned to Anakin. She was a foil to the defiant Jedi amid the Clone Wars. Despite the fact that the two came closer, her choice to leave the Jedi Order had a major impact in Anakin’s pull towards the Dark Side.

As a solid, dynamic character, Ahsoka’s development from her parting in the “Clone Wars” to her arrival in “Renegades,” talks volume about her characterization. Her abilities as a Jedi represent themselves, too. Her developing skills as a Padawan made her match General Grievous in battle, and by “Rebels” she can match her previous Master in their popular duel. Combined with the duel-using lightsabers, Ahsoka has carved her niche as a (previous) Jedi.



10. Darth Maul

He was trained by Palpatine at a young age. Furthermore, Maul was an immaculate apprentice. Devoted, quick and steadfast, he made incredible gains under the Emperor’s tutelage. His role grew to such an extent that he was entrusted with the task of killing Queen Padme Amidala of Naboo. This drove him to encountering Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan a few times before their last climatic fight on Naboo. It was later revealed in “Clone Wars” that the previous Sith disciple did not meet his end, and would be around to fandom with his fierceness many times.

Maul is deft and forceful in battle. He uses a double-sided lightsaber in the way similar to a bo staff and is an expert at both assaulting and defending. He likewise made utilization of Force jumps and pushes to expand his speed. Maul has become well known and is one never to be underestimated.



9. Obi-Wan Kenobi

He’s an old-school Jedi trained in the standard methods for the Force at the Jedi Temple on Corus cant. Obi-Wan Kenobi is particularly like his Master Qui-Gon in nature, who lectured about the idea of restraint. Kenobi steadily ascended through ranks, getting to be one of its driving generals. As a veteran, Kenobi has brought down some top-peg rivals, including Darth Maul, General Grievous and even his previous apprentice, Darth Vader. It was because of his fight with the veteran Jedi that Vader was compelled to live on permanent life support.

He is very able lightsaber duelist and gifted user of the Force. Kenobi can be overlooked in lieu of cooler, more notable Jedi like Vader or Luke Skywalker. Nevertheless, his acumen and brisk thinking in battle regularly compensated for his apparent shortcomings. He is, without any doubt, one of the unsurpassed great Jedis.



8. Mace Windu

As a Jedi Master, Mace Windu was well known for his ability in battle with a lightsaber. Although he was calm and stoic in the Jedi chambers, he was a flat out evil spirit on the battleground. Windu was venerated as the strongest lightsaber duelists when the Jedi Order was at its most powerful battle amid the Clone Wars. Using an uncommon, purple lightsaber just makes him even cooler.

A staunch traditionalist in keeping up the way of the Jedi, Windu was the only one in his order to defeat Emperor Palpatine in a one-on-one challenge. In it, the latter murdered three other Jedi Masters during the fight. Were it not for Anakin Skywalker’s inauspicious obstruction, Windu would have achieved something nobody else had: bringing down Palpatine in single battle.



7. Count Dooku

A famous figure amid the Clone Wars, Dooku was yet another respectable warrior who left the Jedi Order subsequent to scrutinizing its thought processes and objectives. He was the previous Master of Qui-Gon and the last apprentice Yoda mentored before Luke after three decades. Dooku succeeded Maul after his defeat because of Obi-Wan. He then continued to follow ways of the Sith, turning into the face of the Galactic Empire amid the Clone Wars, going head to head with the Jedi on various occasions.

Dooku was among the best duelists the Jedi had ever seen, effectively overpowering Obi-Wan on two separate events. It appears that only Yoda or Windu could match up to him in battle. He was additionally the main Sith Lord not named Palpatine to really be seen making use of Force Lightning. This was a method which frequently gave him favourable advantage in battle. His association with the Force matches that of his previous Master. Regardless of his end at the command of Palpatine and because of Anakin Skywalker, Dooku was an irrefutably deadly Sith Lord.



6. Darth Plagueis

A figure covered in secret, this Sith Lord had his whole history eradicated as a consequence of Disney’s rebranding in the Star Wars universe. In any case, his name in “Revenge of the Sith” means that he remains canon, in some way or another. Plagueis was the master of Palpatine before the occasions of the prequel trilogy. Known to having a dread of losing his friends and family, Plagueis found the key to extending his life and lived (unnaturally) for a long time. Very little is thought about the Sith Lord, other than that he was slaughtered by his apprentice, as the previously mentioned Rule of Two states. He was succeeded by Palpatine, who had a rotating door for his apprentices.

As an unfathomable figure with a secretive past, Plagueis remains a debatable topic within the Star Wars fandom, especially with regards to his impact in past and future occasions. Nevertheless, the Master of Palpatine is among the most fearsome on this rundown. Not knowing a lot about him just makes him a great deal more dreadful.



5. Darth Bane

Similar to Plaguies, Darth Bane has universes of riddle encompassing him. In fact, he was not even considered canin until his presentation in “Clone Wars.” While not the maker of the Sith, Darth Bane is credited with saving them from annihilation. Anticipating how the vast quantities of Sith brought about an excess of inner strife, he initiated the “Rule of Two.” The rule states that there must just be one Sith Master and Apprentice at any given time. From that point forward, each Sith pair has clung to this. It is their most vital law. This is why individuals like Ventress aren’t permitted to wind up as official Sith Lords.

While not much is known about Bane and his Force-wielding powers, his rule spared the Sith’s risky future and his shadow lingers intensely on the more profound, darker corners of the Star Wars universe. The way that his rule is clung to says a lot about his powers and is acknowledged by Yoda himself. He can be viewed as the “Godfather” of the Sith. That is power enough.



4. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

Very few caught between the light and dark forces trying to turn into the most savage face of the Galactic Empire, live to confront Darth Vader and recount it. Once praised as the Chosen One and predicted to be the guardian angel to the world from the powerful Sith, Vader, in his past life as Anakin Skywalker, didn’t go unnoticed by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin was gifted as both a pilot and a lightsaber duelist, with skills matching even those of Masters on the Jedi Council.

However, corruption by Emperor Palpatine and the allurements of the Dark Side invoked the Lord Vader persona from deep inside Anakin’s mind. With it came a deep-breathing cyborg who had little tolerance for failures. Although he didn’t have entry to the Sith lightening in the movies, his presence, aptitude and association with the Force make him more than deserving of one of the best Sith ever.



3. Emperor Palpatine

The Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine saw a long and effective rule over his years. Born as Sheev Palpatine on the planet Naboo, he rapidly ascended through the ranks in transit to becoming Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Furthermore, he knew how to stay hidden in plain sight. He oversaw both a gigantic Empire bent on assuming control over the galaxy while gathering influence inside the Senate and encouraging open difference towards the Jedi. All this brought about the immense Jedi Purge and the successful ascent of the Galactic Empire.

Palpatine was a highly powerful Sith Lord, regardless of a rotating doorway of Sith Apprentices. A firm devotee in the Rule of Two, the Emperor was particularly gifted with Force Lightning, a standout amongst the most obvious manifestations of Force mastery. His expertise with the Force was tremendous, since he could suspend different seating pods in the Senate Chambers easily amid his last fight with Yoda. A splendid mix of long term planning and Force-using skills, Darth Sidious is the most powerful Sith Lord till date.



2. Yoda

When you’re nearly 900 years of age, you’ve seen a great deal, and this little green alien has seen quite a lot amid his celebrated profession, serving at the pinnacle of the Jedi’s power. Having trained various Masters on the Council, including Windu and Obi-Wan, he held the Jedi Council together for a considerable length of time after taking up the rank of Master.

Yoda is the most capable Master on the Council preceding the execution of Order 66. His association with the Force was so immense that he felt the death of each and every Jedi when they were turned on and murdered. He exhibited the ability to retain or potentially divert Sith Lightning. This was an accomplishment unseen by other Masters. What separates Yoda from most others is his enormous wisdom and persistence. This is especially seen when it came to training both the bodies and minds of his students, be they padawan or admired Jedi masters. Yoda is a penultimate Jedi Master.



1. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is the son of Darth Vader. He was born in the wake of the Empire’s Jedi purge and galactic takeover. He rapidly went from a tranquil farm life on Tatooine to turning into a Jedi Knight equipped for matching the almighty Darth Vader in battle.  Furthermore, he is a talented pilot and marksman. He is equipped for taking womb rats and Death Star ports in one shot. Prior to his training with Yoda, Luke was to a great extent self-taught after Kenobi’s demise. He turned out to be a quick learner regardless of his absence of appropriate instruction. In fact, after just a year, he was adept at various Jedi moves; including Force jumps and making numerous articles drift up.

His adaptability as a Force-user combined with his flexibility in different zones outside lightsaber duelling has made him one of the best Jedi. Furthermore, his nature and tolerance developed him into being the most appropriate to lead in the restoration of the lost Jedi Order.


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  1. Is it possible that you don’t mention Revan?
    Revan is one of the greatest force masters who grasped the meaning of the force.